Would Jesus have condemned Daddy Freeze?

Would Jesus have condemned Daddy Freeze?

The Radical Christian

Pope francis once described Jesus as a radical. I wondered why the religious leader would use a word associated with violence and terrorism ,as I thought for Jesus.I quickly checked the dictionary where I discovered a radical is one who advocate for change.

I had portrayed. Jesus as a nice, gentle ,quiet guy who obeyed authority . I was wrong. Jesus grew up in a society known for “an eye for an eye”, Jesus preached forgiveness. The Pharisees avoided sinners like a plague. Jesus dined with tax collectors stressing that the doctor comes for patient . His craving for change led to opposition from the religious leaders ..Jesus was not dismayed by their wrath.He stood for what he believed in.

In our society, when tradition goes wrong, we choose to keep quiet and go to God in prayers.We forget that we can speak up against that tradition . If we don’t speak IP, ” OSU Caste “will continue.
Others are very quick to criticize our politician but fail to extend such critism to our religious leaders.t
When Daddy Freeze and Falz speak up, we condemn them quoting” Touch not my annoited.. “We forget that Jesus condemned the annoited chief priests, Pharisee and Sadducee and overturned the moneyft changers in the temple.

,Thank God many catholics stood upf agaonst father Mbaka inr his words against Peter Obi.Our religious leaders are human. They are prone to get carried away by the followers and err.

Jesus encourage changet from authority and tradition. What he prohibited is use of violence to induce change. He rebuked Peter for trying to defend him with sword. Like Jesus, we can be a non violent radical Christian .

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