Take Part in The Ongoing #thesuddenchallenge Writing Contest on Instagram

Hello Bard, this is another wonderful opportunity for you to write and win cash and book prizes. Participate in the ongoing Writing Contest. This is new, so your chances are very high. All you need to do is to; 1. Write a story of about 700 – 1,000 words. 2. The story must be about … Continue reading Take Part in The Ongoing #thesuddenchallenge Writing Contest on Instagram

Inktober – Day 1: Poisonous

Koko paced the courtyard in half circles, like a lion ready to pounce on its prey. The west wind blew fiercely, carrying traces of salt and ashes. Earlier that morning, Koko and his men had attacked Ojika’s vineyard and set fire to it. His workers were not spared. Everyone and everything was burnt to the … Continue reading Inktober – Day 1: Poisonous

Cold Day In Summer

The day started out sunny, these days were the hottest days of the year with a number of people seen outside via the huge transparent glass window, cleaning their sweaty face with handkerchiefs, some holding tight to hand fans, terrible traffic happening all over the city in expectation of the President of the country; Every … Continue reading Cold Day In Summer

WEYTIN WE GAIN (My advice to the youths)

If you are a Nigerian and a skin-tight one as that, you should already know where this is headed towards; Victor AD’s “WEYTIN WE GAIN” which has received so much appreciation from most people as one song that reflects on their lives and mentality. Weytin We Gain is simply talking about the day-to-day hustling, bustling, … Continue reading WEYTIN WE GAIN (My advice to the youths)