Take a nip its good
No, Mama says its evil
Nonetheless, it’s your daddy favourite
Mama says it kills him
Everyone takes it for pleasure

However, God forewarned against drunkenness
A sip won’t make you tipsy
It will contaminate my system
However, drugs contain a certain degree
Drugs are therapeutic not liquor
This is medicinal red wine
Tricks to befuddle its victims
Inebriation makes you feel eerie
Making baloney of its victims
Are you methyphobia?
Yes, phobia of all evils
God never created evils
Ingesting liquor leads to evils
Only inebriation leads to drunkenness
Wise men flee evil appearances
Who has sorrow and woe?
Who has needless bruises?
Who has red bloodshot eyes?
He who linger over liquor
He who sample mixed wine

Don’t be mock by wines
It has led astray many
Be wise, flee perilous liquor.
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