Sexcapades Episode 1

I met a lady on my street and deduced she newly moved into the estate. I asked guys around and they said she forms a lot. I said good for me as I like the forming types. In a bid to get attention, I assumed my position as the youth leader and fortunately NEPA came around to carry out their duties and I intervened on behalf of their house. I left before she could tell me thank you. Believe me beautiful girls like showing appreciation. About a week later I got a message from a woman who stays on her street that she’s been asking about me, so I asked her to give her my number if really she wanted to show appreciation. One faithful day my phone rang and behold it was her and she went about thanking me beyond what I did.

After about a week I called her and asked to hangout and she obliged, we went for pizza and ice cream. That’s when She disclosed that she just moved back to Lagos from Abuja and she has been bored all this while and indoors as she just finished service. My calendar on weekends became hers, we hung out regularly that I started being fond of her. I called her like my daily meals. Four months down the lane our friendship became tight. we go out on regular basis, gist, eat-out together, watch movies and ultimately went to swim. Jesus, her figure was something else. I was in the water for hours not because I could swim but because my dick uncontrollably defiled gravity even in water. She would splash water, pull me towards her but what she didn’t know was that uncle Thomas’s head was spinning, the she mistakenly hit me down low and gasp for breath as if she was drowning. She looked at me in surprise and said Uncle is awake and smirked, she went into the water and took it into her mouth (I wanted to explode; if you know what I mean). I pulled out and she was smiling knowing she has opened another chapter.

A week later, the calls became scanty. I was shy to push the relationship further. Then one day i asked her to my house and she obliged. I cooked awaiting her glorious presence. She arrived wearing a smile and said “hmmmm, husband material” as the aroma from my cooking pot filled the house. We ate from the same plate talked while watching a movie. The atmosphere for miracle came and I made my move but she said that she wanted to save it till marriage ( you heard me right). Mood swing, the AC all of a suddenly started emitting hot air, restlessness set in. I was walking around aimlessly looking for what is not lost. She noticed and said you are a cool guy but please understand. I felt like understanding but can you understand? I then rewound my tape to the pool and said so it was just fantasy, I wan mad. Phone calls turned to text messages and after a month of being used I gave up. Make e no be like say I be bad boy, I called her scantily from time to time. Then one day I asked her to join me to the club and she welcomed the invitation. After clubbing, we retired to my house and she took her bath and slept in my boxers and shirt. I lay beside her, I did Jet Li style and she defended against the evil warlord as if we were watching the forbidden kingdom. I whispered into her ears and it turned her off as if it was mosquito disturbing her. Na wa! I don fuck up again, who wants to teach me? The night became longer that normal. My dick about to explode. I turned around in anger but my dick was still hard as an iron rod. I tried for the last time and she stood up went to the sitting room and laid on the couch, that’s when I knew I messed up big time. As soon as the alarm rang 6, I put on my snickers, joggers and music and hit the road to blow off steam before I go on self destruct . I came back around 8:30am and she was still home. She tidied up the house and was waiting for me ( i thought she would have gone home in anger). D what’s up sorry I came back late, I went to the Zanga. I saw her off without saying anything until she took a bike and I squeezed some notes of disappointment into her hands and waved her goodbye.

At noon, I was at the bar with my friends preparing for the match of the day, then she called and I was like, what for? That was when I narrated the ordeal to my friends just to know where I messed up but they just kept laughing and the call kept coming in. I picked up and told her where I was is noisy if she didn’t mind chatting and she obliged.

D: where are you?

Me: am out with friends

D: am bored

Me: thought you were going for choir practice?

D: I am tired from yesternites outing and you didn’t allow me sleep

Me: sorry about that

D: would have come around if you were home

Me: Hmmm, u want to kill me with your presence and leave me hanging again? I will pass

D: u turned me on actually and now I feel like breaking my vow

Me: happy breaking

D: I can’t do it alone

Me: don’t pull my legs

D: can you make it to the house in 10 minutes?

Me: yes, I will meet you at home then. Make yourself comfortable my brother is home.

I showed my friends the chat and they said go and dig your grave. Better don’t go there with hope of anything happening just expect the worst. I took a bike stopped at the chemist picked up packs of condom, I no wan hear say na wetin go cause problem be that.

She sat on the couch pressing her phone and I sat opposite her and asked are we doing this or not? She replied definitely. I stood up and she followed without being asked, then I knew I had hit the score.

The first was kind of a quickie which passed for anxiety, I cursed myself for not putting up a show. After 10mins I touched her and she was as wet as a snail. She squirmed and wriggled at the same time. I put my tongue on the lips of her pussy and it dramatically reacted to when salt touches a snail . She placed her leg on my back and her hands in my head and I journeyed into a land of no return. After the triumphant entry then she asked to reciprocate so I laid on my back and brother was already dripping but she took it all in (I died 10 times). I was moving as if I was having a nightmare and needed someone to wake me up. Don’t touch me she said. I died again. When I came it was explosive that it shot into the sky cos I heard it land. She said wow you pass for a lollipop and not an ice cream ( the difference is one melts faster than the other). When we had sex we scattered the house started from the room to the shower and even on the freezer. Then I knew I have unleashed a dragon that was chained with magic. The experience continued for 6 months before she told me that she’s due for marriage by December which was in 3 months. I cried as this was the best sexcapade I have ever experienced…………..

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