How Human Will I Be?

How Human Will I Be?


How human you will be is your call for the Real Facebook and Real Google to see our body as a home where heaven and earth meet for learning self-governance of human body by Soul. You as Soul or the spirit of the law see popular religions as ancient tech-startups gone stale in meeting our own creator head-on with whatever it takes to restore dominance of heaven over earth in individual lives. Sadly, you will ask: Are we ashamed or afraid of our creator? A move up from earthbound letter of the law onto heaven bound divinity is what teammates of the human body offer us in four ways of learning, four branches of government and four skill areas of their daily services to Soul – the governor in individual lives. You will tell it as a game on a game-board for a whole new kind of CNN Freedom Day. You will call it The Three Freedoms series, available for each person to make this life count. It’s our only gift of maturity back to God to make God a daily reality. You will see it is not our own creations but creator that will make us better humans.

Your religion was like a lost century technology that slowly lost touch with this universe, in much the same way even the first sewing machines needed to be transformed. But you were alone when you quit, for true happiness in a new search for God and for love. Despite broken society, laws, family, fears and markets, the rest of the congregation had forgotten desire for love and were just content to make God look like a very old man out of touch with today.

Then you found how to celebrate the human body as an immortal temple we are building with the three freedoms bricks we can earn in playing the creativity game of life. You will have to make it a book priced to show why a child must have the fitness of first freedom, each youth must win fellowship of the second and every adult will have all three to aim for immortality or else re-enter the creativity game again through reincarnation. Your writing will leave no doubt how our body has four parts of a house and why we each enjoyed hundreds even thousands times of returning in to the game as our own ancestors. It is why governments’ three branches act like man without heels or hands, unable to learn from history. You will show city centers as examples of the hand of God tying together pathways, properties and peoples in a game and game board.

Chapter-One will be perfect example of this creative game board as it runs under our feet. Yes, any child can see there is purpose to life in the government house of individual destiny where Holy Spirit is teacher waiting to meet God-child, Soul. Here is a real life game playing on the game board of the three freedoms journey that is uniting Soul as child, youth and adult. First freedom or Part-One is to know you are Soul as the second is to love Holy Spirit as teacher. The third part is to live your name as the name of God that makes creativity. How to use your name as a parent or child re-uniting in family is to begin the long awakening of life’s battle cry, taking control of destiny from unruly King. He represents unchecked human mind doubling as the head-quarters of daily living. Your Part-One will end in the same way China and Russia are battling to win the next center of the world from America by their creative game boards for living.

In Part-Two, Teacher and Guardian Holy Spirit precepts head and heart as parents to hands and heels in a team that Soul, you, the God-child is the governor. You will learn to enable parents resolve to inspire each child to step forward in style and work together to win the God-made freedoms for you to conquer your world, ready to get Flag of Freedom.

Parts One and Two will tell where Soul’s freedoms come from, through Guardian Holy Spirit. But until it flows in to begin opening heart to take control of head, a necessary step toward first freedom, parent’s marriage is prone to grave accidents. The head loves to be a King alone in a castle dictating to teammates he mistreats as subjects in service to his throne. Head or mind may be humbled or else humiliated in family, community and country to be as it was created the prison warden guarding over Soul till you learn how the human body is your nearest version of the universe you live in and labor through to win all three freedoms or flag of Soul’s freedom.

In Part-Three you will excel in your method of battle or the nature of truth and spiritual growth. It is giving and receiving of love as a pupil and friend of Holy Spirit – highest expression of you. As Part-One is how to become entrepreneur for God, so Part-Two makes every moment a letter to God. Part-Three is for becoming the jewel or prince and princess of love and service, earning to conquer social consciousness by redirecting love for power through position to gain purity, food of God that makes your body a Temple of Holy Spirit and home for Soul. Though man-made freedoms cause you to care so much for equality of house teammates – head and heart, hands and heels; the three freedoms of Soul uplift your divinity to be as Holy Spirit, enabling you govern living and working for your destiny and immortality. And you earned to score as you learned to shoot at goal as a better partner with your mentor Holy Spirit – Spirit of the Law.

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