Enugu Is Beautiful

When sonorous songs of birds woke me from sleep
And I saw mountains and valleys at a glance
All covered with healthy trees, shrubs and grasses
Glistening gracious greenish green
I said wow! Enugu is beautiful!

When I traveled on the long lonely road
That twisted and turned with the rhythms of the hills
And I was lost in the passionate hue of nature
I said wow! Enugu is beautiful!

When I went to the market
And I saw the welcoming faces of the sellers
And buyers bought with joys and happiness
I said wow! Enugu is beautiful!

After eating a bowl of Abacha
And from under the tree shades where I sat
I saw young men and women dressed in colourful costumes
Dancing wildly to local music being played
I said wow! Igbo amaka! Enugu is beautiful!

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