Cry Of Death (C)

Cry Of Death (C)

She gave the tarred road some acrimonious punches in vengeance for drinking the precious blood of her only child. She yelled simultaneously on the earless road as if it could hear her and apologize for its action.
Group of concerned folks of different ages who had heard the tragedy that befell her mobbed her. Three women quickly wore her wrapper and blouse to cover her nakedness from the people.
“Hypocrites! Don’t deceive me!” Mama Nneka cried. “This is not my cloth. Mine has been torn by them.” She added. The people didn’t know why she uttered that statement except her.
“Her child had died and had been taken to the mortuary.” An elder said from afar.
“Tell the women to take her to her house.” Another said
“God will comfort her”.
“Mama Ngozi! Bia.. bia. Take that woman to her house.” Group of elders discussed from their vantage position.
The disstressed woman was taken to where she came from. Millions of informed eyes were fixed on her as she was led by. Tongues started wagging how the horrible event had happened, and heads were shook in comprehension. When the people got to where her house was located. Cries increased in volume. Those who had held their lips from crying could not do so any longer. Tears flowed. Noises were made. People ran helter skelter.
The house, the only tangible thing left to Mama Nneka’s name was on fire. The fire was zestfully burning. The unused fried groundnut oil and gas cooker had combusted. Since nobody was there to quickly put it out, it burnt the dried wood first and it went on and on until the whole house was under its control. The fire raged as concerned folks tried to quenched it. The elders that were around shook their heads trying to understand the mystery. When they couldn’t figure out anything spiritual, they ordered the people to take Mama Nneka to the village guest house.
The following morning, rumours started walking round the town invading the ears of those who cared. They said it was the soul of the girl that truck crushed the other day that put the house, her father’s house on fire. They said, she burnt the house because she didn’t want anybody to live in the house, not even her mother as she had no claim of any sort to Okafor’s properties.

The End.

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