A World Of Carbon Blacks


The most needful may look beautiful but full of soot
I was carried away in a trance at bluebase trans-amadi
Where I peered a cloud of white full of carbon blacks
Not everyone was aware, despite the yelling of the poor.

As the rich in money uses the poor to clean their houses
Thesame happens to their cars full of air conditioners
What about the offices well equipped for convenience
Not just to make a living, but slaves by barter.

Ever living the poor are full of envy and expectancy
Hating their present day to gain another salary
Celebrating the worst just to stay and say sorry
No wonder no one knows the egress from earth without hell.

Now I know God made it so for us to remember his words
Miracles may mean nothing but something according to your believe
That’s the more reason Christ is risen for our rising
Don’t be too religious believe and live to be saved.

The difference is clear to every true friend of Christ
His spirit lives above all denomination as well as doctrines
At twelve He proved the elders wrong with His wisdom
No doubts we’re doped and by His stripes we are healed.

The greenhouse effects are not known to many households
Only a few wishes to be successful without having treasures
Like many would say buy me something nothing goes for nothing
Always consider your needs for wishes don’t often come true.

Everyone is entitled to believe what you can become
What a world of haves and have not why not believe
Without difference you’ll hardly know who is your friend
Everything is made by Him even the principalities are His.

The purpose is not far from your sight close your ears and hear
He speaks in thick darkness and without Christ you can’t see
Receive Him today and see beyond the reach of your sight
Smouldering is not enough to muffle your mouth for Christ.


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