A Letter To A Female Friend

That you are a woman isn’t a crime. You are not a pariah in anyway. Conventionally, it’s true that it’s men’s world. Men dominated every stratum of the sphere due to their doggedness and resilience.
However, modernization has redefined everything. Success and elevation is now gender-free. If you can conceive a dream, you can actualize it.
I can go on and on naming women who had dominated men in recent times. You too can be part of this coterie of women achievers.
Get more knowledge and eradicate women syndrome from your life when work calls. Don’t tell colleagues, “I am a woman, I can’t do it. Stuff like these are not meant for the female folks.” Instead, plunge yourself into any given task and watch men drool under your influence.
I would like to see you in the top sooner. You can be there. Believe it and work on it.

Alade A. Idris

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