Towards The End at High School 2


Ring, ring, ring, the bell ranged and all the student were gathering at a special place, it was assembly time and the beginning of a new term the boys were standing with their green ironed trousers with well knotted tie, and white flashing shirts, why the girls were flexing their white ironed blouse and their tight skirts showing off their hips. Every girl had a new hairdo why the boys were enjoying the new Afro hair-cut. St. Davis secondary school was very popular in the area, not only for their neatness but for their intelligent and brilliant pupils. Christian walked majestically to the assembly ground holding his civic note in one hand, he sighted Suleiman putting the drum set in order, walking straight to where he normally stood for the assembly, he saw David already standing there, they exchanged pleasantries and the assembly began. The principal Mr. Akinifesi came out after the praise and worship to address the pupils, she spoke firstly to the junior ones which were the SS 1.

A new term has begun, I know many of you had repeated, passed and some withdrawn from the school, everybody to his/her fate, this term I want those of you who repeated to work harder, so you can be promoted but if you refuse to listen to my instructions then you can say good bye to this school, and for those of you who had passed narrowly, every day is not your birthday, it may not happen again so I commend you to put more efforts so you can pass without stress.

Now to those of you in SS 2 who are about to write mock examination, I hope you have been preparing very well, your examination starts very soon, remember if you fail, that is the end. The student started murmuring in low tones, but the principal continued ignoring them. I didn’t ask for anybody’s opinion, so why the murmurings, if you fail you going home, simple there is no big deal there. Hope you got all what have said into your heads, Yes ma! The students chorused. Later they were already matching to their various classes, Suleiman was beating the drum like never before, and the student sang the matching song in happiness and enthusiasm as the new term had begun.

* **

Days ran into weeks, the examination was a day away, Christian was busy reading at the back of the house he had made up his mind to be the best student in the mock exam. Christian! Christian! He heard his name from the front of the house; the voice was faint so he didn’t recognize it. Yes, I am here, he called back, still facing his book. When he raised his head, he saw Abigail standing right in front of him, what had she come to do? He asked himself in his mind. Why are you staring at me like that? Abigail voice brought him back from his thoughts; I am just surprised to see you at this time he replied lowering his gaze. Well I came to tell you something, what is that? Christian asked anxiously, Kazeem repeated SS 1. Why are you telling me that, it none of my concern, besides I am not his friend. I just thought you should know, so you came all the way to my house to tell me Kazeem repeated SS 1, how absurd, Christian said, frowning his face, don’t you have sympathy on him, Abigail replied. Why are so sorry that he failed, or are you starting to like him, Christian teased, Abigail heart jumped out of its place, of course not, she replied, Christian stop teasing me, you know I don’t like Kazeem, but he is still my friend. Well if you say so, he should read hard this term and stop following girls am sure he will make it, Christian said. I hope so, Abigail replied. Well I didn’t come all the way here to tell you Kazeem repeated, I came for something more important than that, so what is it? Christian asked, I heard rumors that there is a particular topic that will come out in Mathematics for the mock exam, and what topic is that? Christian asked again. I think it is called………. Hmmmmm………Ma….. “Matrix” Abigail replied scratching her head. Oh I know that topic very well; I could solve it even in my dreams. You know it! Abigail shouted, thank God I knew I could count on you, please teach me right now, we have only today to go, easy girl, don’t rush the master, Christian teased, stop teasing and get down to business, Abigail yelled at him, yes ma. Well it very simple if only you know the logic, he said remembering David’s words.

* *

All the students were seated inside the hall, with fear, anxiety, courage and enthusiasm. The hall was very large to contain a capacity of five hundred students, the chairs were in four rolls, and Suleiman was sitting at the third roll in front of David, why Christian was sitting at the extreme end of the first roll. Suleiman ran up to Christian smiling awkwardly, I know you have read the whole history of Civic, Suleiman teased; Christian didn’t utter a word he just smiled.

Settle down everybody, Mr.Seyi’s voice ran through the hall, Suleiman quickly ran to his seat, Christian adjusted his bench, all bags outside, the voice rang again but more fierce this time. Everyone was going in and out the hall with noisy murmurs. Some minutes later, the whole hall became calm, the exam had started.

* **

At exactly 12:00 pm the exam came to an end, Christian sat under the tree reading the next subject, which was “Physics” David came and sat at his side, how was the exam? He asked, not bad, Christian replied. Suleiman was sweating profusely when he came out of the hall. That civic was damn hard, but I managed to finish it, it wasn’t that hard, Christian replied, well I must get my physics note; Suleiman said sprinting towards the hall to take his school bag.

So what do you think would come out in Physics, David asked, I don’t really know Christian replied, glancing at every page, then flipping over. Hi guys, Abigail called, giving David and Christian high fives. How was it? She asked, interesting, David commented, not bad Christian chipped in, and you, they asked simultaneously, then they looked at each other and started laughing. Abigail also laughed, well I finished it all, though it wasn’t that simple, she said. Kazeem appeared in their midst holding ice cream in one hand and the other a wrap of fish roll. Hi Abigail he said ignoring the boys around, I am fine. Abigail replied, before kazeem could reply Christian chipped in: let me see Suleiman in the hall he said walking away, I think I all join him David said also, are you guys leaving me here? Abigail asked, there was no reply but Christian was gesturing with his hand which means they were coming back. Now what? She asked giving kazeem a dreadful gaze, nothing I just came to say hello, he replied acting innocent. I am starting to think it’s because of you Christian is always leaving every time you are around us. He’s just being scared, kazeem replied with a grin. But what do you really want from me? Abigail asked that’s the question have been waiting for this whole while, Kazeem said moving closer to where she was, Abigail I can’t stop thinking of you, i…………i……..just want us to be ……lovers. Abigail I love you. He stammered, Abigail was astonished are you out of your senses? No i am fine, you really don’t know how much I love you. Stop! Stop this your foolish love thing when did you become like this Kazeem, and besides I don’t love you and we can’t be lovers, just stay away from me, do you understand me? She fired putting are thumb in her head. Abigail just try me you will come to love me soon, please I could die for you, are you really serious about this death stuff, do you want to become the second valentine she said jokingly. Abigail this is not a joke…… he stopped talking when he saw Christian standing behind Abigail. I should have known, Christian said clapping his hands, known what? Abigail asked. This is what he had been looking for; no wonder he looks at me like a wolf trying to tear its prey anytime he sees me around you, is that why you keep leaving if he is around? Yeah absolutely, Christian replied, well, I think I shouldn’t be distracting your nice conversation, I am very sorry to interrupt, Christian said walking towards the hall.

Abigail was mad, she felt stupid, and now Christian thinks she is a fool. Abigail don’t mind him, he could say whatever he likes but I know he is also trying to take you away from me but I won’t let him snatch you away from me. Kazeem said still moving closer to Abigail, don’t come any further you dirty pig, I can’t be your girlfriend, never, she shouted and ran away, bursting out hot tears, her reputation was destroyed. Shit that was so odd, Kazeem said still holding the wrap of fish roll and ice cream.

* **


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  1. Storyline okay. But the tenses and punctuation need to be worked on. Kudos for writing anyway. Hoping for more.


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