The One Friend – Episode 3


Episode 3

Boma quickly swiped the green button of her phone. ‘hello honey, how are you doing?” she asked. ”Am fine, my love, I hope you are taking good care of yourself. I hope you miss me a lot” Asked Tom. Of course I miss you like crazy but am only bothered that those hot  Sokoto female kopas will take you away from me. ‘Is that even possible? When their hotness is as scorching as the weather, no one is hotter than you, my love.

Tom had been posted to a suburb area in Sokoto for his National youth service where he lived desolated without electricity, clean water and no telecommunication network. Most times he would walk as far as two miles to another community where he could get network to call Boma or his family. Some days Tom and Boma would stay without hearing from each other. This translated to weeks  until  Boma got used to staying without hearing from him for days and eventually developed the ability to stay  for days and weeks without hearing from him.

Three months later, Boma received a call from Preye, her brother that their mother had been involved in a ghastly motor accident on her from Ariara market where she goes to buy her goods.

She was completely shattered on seeing her mum lying unconscious with oxygen masked face, orthopedic plaster of Paris popularly called POP encircling her neck, casts and  plasters distorting different parts of  her skin  in the hospital bed.  Boma’s face was flooded with tears that rushed like 2017 Benue flood. Alongside preye, she cried out loud and bitterly until she was taken away from the ward to the doctor’s office. “please put yourself together. We are trying our best to save her’ said the doctor who is now facing her in his office. “Right now we need a deposit of  one hundred and fifty thousand  Naira to  continue  her treatment” What! What are you saying doctor? My mum has an insurance policy. “Yes, the amount the company paid could only pay for the breathing tube for eight days which will elapse in a week’s time.” “Are you saying, you’re going to remove the oxygen mask in a week’s time?” “Probably, except  another deposit is made on or before one week”. Your mother, needs to be given a high dose of steroid to prevent further damages and she requires to be placed in a traction device to stabilize the spine and all of these will cost three hundred thousand naira.

Boma was totally despaired as she knew that her only maternal uncle, uncle, Jude was as poor as a rat. Her paternal uncles who could have been of help to her, hate her mother passionately. They had previously accused her of killing her father, their brother, and would be glad if she had died in the accident. Like a lonely outcast, she didn’t have anyone to talk to, as Tom’s phone number was always out of network coverage.

‘Boma, why are you looking so haggard and sad? What’s the problem? Please Anny whatever it is I have done to offend you, please forgive me, I beg you from the deepest depth of my heart. I desperately need your help more than ever’. Boma said crouching. Anny was taken aback by her sudden behavior but relished it. ‘What is this? Boma, you are embarrassing me please stand up before someone comes in and sees you like this’. Boma stood up cleaned dust from her knee. Patting Boma on the shoulder ‘ I have told you severally that you haven’t offended me in anyway and am not angry with you.  I didn’t move to another room out of anger. I’ve told you this severally’ she scoffed. ‘Tell me what the problem is. Is Tom ok? She anxiously quizzed. ‘No, it’s my mother’. Anny felt well relieved and readjusted herself on the bed where she sat. ‘She was involved in a ghastly motor accident and is presently lying unconscious at the hospital. The major problem now is that she needs to undergo some treatments that will cost three hundred thousand naira and I need to pay 150,000 before next week Tuesday ’. ‘E e-y-a so sorry. What are you going to do now? ‘I don’t know. I was thinking you could help me. Anny’s countenance changed as she became uneasy and squirmed. So sorry dear, “I really do not have any money now”. ‘Anny please, any amount at all please’. ‘If I had money, I would give you.’
‘I have an idea.’ Anny spouted ‘ tell me, I am willing to do anything to save her life.’ ‘you mean you can  really do anything to save her life?’ Yes Anny, let it out already please, she is my mother’. ‘What of a job in Davida club?’ ‘Davida club, Anny, how could you suggest that? What girls do there is prostitution, the waiters dress in pants and bra. Anny how could you even suggest that, but you told me that your dad sends you hundred thousand every week. Please just lend me some.’ Anny tried to suppress the anger that was already growing inside of her. ‘if you won’t do the job, forget it. I’ve already told you that I don’t have money or are you going to force money out of me. If you want I can easily talk to the manager of the club to employ you.  Boma was felt really frustrated. She wondered what will happen if she refuses to do the job. Would she allow the doctors to abandon her mum? Would she be able to live knowing there was something she could do but didn’t do to save her, was she willing to turn a whore?

Does she really have an option?  “listen to me, Boma. Anny, suddenly chimed. “I understand your fears, you really don’t have to worry, in Davida club you choose the extent you want to go. You can earn as much as five thousand in a day by just wearing something similar to the swim suite you wore the last time you went swimming with Tom or dress the same way you were dressed in the picture you took with Tom at Ndibe sand beach, bikini and pikini. Afterall,  Pikini and bikini is just another name for pant and bra. The only difference is that you will get paid by wearing that same outfit at Davida club.

With your talent in dance you can even double your earning.” Anny, even if I decide to do it, I still can’t earn up 150,000 in the next six days” Boma submits.  After about two minutes of thinking, Anny promised to speak to the club manager to give her an advance payment of the required amount. “Really! Can you do that?” “Yes, anything for you, my friend.” “ I think am left with no option. Since I won’t have to turn a whore, I think I will do it”. Thank you, Anny.’ ‘Have you told Tom?’ ‘Tom’s number is always out of service’ Anny persuaded her to call the number again maybe it would go through and she offered her phone to Boma when she complained of insufficient credit on her phone. ‘You see it is still unavailable, am tired of dialing Tom’s number hoping it would connect. I just wait for him to call.’’ It’s alright I believe he will call soon.’ Immediately Boma stepped out of the room, Anny quickly picked up her phone from the bed and tried to save Tom’s number. ‘Anny, please can I use your phone ones more?’ ‘Hmm, my phone?’ Anny responded in a shaky voice, Looking rather nervous.

To be continued

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