What about the male child

Women empowerment has so far been a great thing with campaigns and guidelines initiated globally, inorder to safeguard, uplift and empower the rights and status of the girl child.
On the contrary, the boy child has been forgotten. As a result, they have been rendered or rather subjected to all kinds of inhumane societal mischief, and unending life-struggle.
“‘One day you will head a home’; With this he is expected to be mind-tly gigantic from the womb. But tell me of a farm not weeded yet gives bountiful yield? Much attention to the female folk but non to the Boy Child.”
The male counterparts are left to fight on their own; they hustle and tussle to make it through without the equal opportunities, support, guidance and protection showered in favour of women.
Gender equity notions are so full of deceptions, quote me anywhere. If we de-construct this “truth” from a philosophical point of view, we find that more boys end up in crime than girls; there are more boys in the streets than girls; more boys are school dropouts than girls; more boys end up in prison than girls; and research shows that more men die faster than women.
And this is not majorly their fault but the way the society have structured it to be. ‘You’re wasting your time writing jamb or being in school, you should be out there making cash to support your family, after all, you’re a man; you’re too soft to be a man; your mates have started moulding foundation blocks to build a house; Too bad the society think in such a way.
The boy child bodies under bridges finding their path wolfing from same calabash of faith finding sleep amidst owls cobwebs as bed sheet stones as pillows holding on hope waiting on fate. The boy child the barrow pusher that boy in prison for daring to be a Joseph in our age. That one with hunchback he fell from a slippery tree on a rainy day for mother was hospitalized and sisters were hungry. Boy child harboring pains in places the body can’t feel he cries. He has fears for even demons dread light. The society has labelled his fear as sign of weakness and abomination for him to cry, but has forgetten he’s also human.
Once a boy child is branded and labelled by society, he keeps the tag into adulthood. Society neither forgives nor forgets the transgressions of a boy child easily.
The abuse of a boy child — whether physical, verbal, psychological or sexual — is always swept under the carpet, for he can endure and has a strong heart. But if a girl child is concerned, all hell breaks loose.
Some will say of what use is the need to clamour for the boy child, when the girl child campaign is still on, when they can take care of themselves, when they are the stronger ones in the society. But like Adichie would say, we have gone beyond those days when the physical strength is needed of someone to make him known. Our modern society requires much of the mental strength but our societal values is posing much threat from the male child by requiring too much from him.
Both boys and girls need to be educated and mentored; both need to be guided in every way; both deserve equal love and support, and this has to start with the parents. We will be going wrong as a region if we give much attention to the girl child and forget that tomorrow will come when we will need the boys to become men.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this great write up.

    1. Thank you Idris.

  2. God bless your soul for this write-up.
    What about the boy child? no one seems to take note of the boy child.

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