The Rebel

Excerpts from “The Rebel”.

1:00 pm after the meeting.
The men were done with their meeting. Right now, they’re all gathered in the room where Ada and Becky were kept. It’s a medium-sized room, equipped with a television, air condition, a couch, some chairs scattered around and a refrigerator stocked with every goodie known to man.
The men had an idea, a great idea. Problem is; it involves Becky.
“Let me get this straight, you want me to go to the party?” asked Becky
“Yep,” replied Cyrus
“Why?” she asked.
“Cause you’ll blend in,” said Paul
“I’ll blend in,” said Becky looking confused. She didn’t get why she had to go to that party.
“Yes, Becky you’ll blend in. you look young, like really young. No one will think you’re close to your thirties,” said Gibson
“Oh! Thanks, sugar, I drink lots of water that’s why I look this way”
She turned her head to Michael answering, “hm”
“Please we need you to do this,” he said
She stared at him for a bit, then finally complied.
“Okay fine, I’ll do it”
They all sighed out relived; she looked surprised at their reaction.
“Okay, now that’s out of the way,” said Paul, he then turned to Kenneth asking, “are you ready?” Kenneth nodded his head.
“Yes, I am”
“What? Ready? Ready for what?” asked Becky looking at the both of them.
“He’s going to be your boyfriend,” replied Cyrus.
The room was deathly quiet. You could hear a pin drop, well except for Ada that laughed out hysterically.
Ben-David’s have no idea what they have done.


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