I Thought I Could Make Her My Girlfriend

Saturday night was pretty ugly for me. It was exactly 2:00 am when she rang my phone. Then it was as though the ringtone of my phone was heard from the dream world, as I couldn’t clearly picture in my dream whether or not it was my own phone that was ringing. After a couple … Continue reading I Thought I Could Make Her My Girlfriend


“Trix, wetin do your eyes?” “Na pepper oh. I bin take pepper hand rub my eyes by mistake.” “Every day pepper pepper. And you no be Yoruba.” I smiled and pulled out a chair. I looked at my cheap wristwatch. I was twenty-two minutes early to the afternoon lecture. I whispered a short prayer and … Continue reading Zoned

I Eat And Write At The Same Time. Sue Me ( Eye Roll)

I Eat And Write At The Same Time. Sue Me ( Eye Roll)

I EAT AND WRITE AT THE SAME TIME. SUE ME ( EYE ROLL) So yesterday was an amazing day for me. I slept, ate, slept and ate again (lol). You’re probably wondering why I have so much free time in my hand to eat and to sleep. Well, Let me tell you why. (clears throat) … Continue reading I Eat And Write At The Same Time. Sue Me ( Eye Roll)

A Trip to Ondo

A Trip to Ondo

Long and elaborate
journey it was
in longing to reach the destination, Ondo
my eyes longed for a rest
my legs longed for a stretch
the heat in my ass
could boil a tank—full of water

I poked from rear to rear
wanting to see the front
wanting to see the running of the car
the back seat upon which I seated
blocked my view

The eyes of passengers
like my self, had shut
and their heads curled in their arms
I broached to my mind
my displeasure against—
against my legs— my hands— my eyes
for not content – for not meek
but they wouldn’t comply

I was giving to their demand
when proclaimed someone
‘we are in Ondo’

I could not measure the glee
that marathon within me
for I prevail upon my

Blues For Ruby (3)

Before my lips could reach hers,  something made me stop. She blinked and gazed fixedly up at me. “What’s the matter?”she asked. “Nothing. It’s just…I don’t want you to think I’m taking advantage of you, of the situation.” “Ha! Take advantage?  Of me?” she scoffed. “What am I? 14? I’m 26 years old! I know … Continue reading Blues For Ruby (3)

We Are in a Country

We are in a country Where poetry or rhetoric does not matter. What matters really is flattery. Sycophancy! So my people are now like: Any-government-in-power; Anywhere-belly-face Because what really matters now Are the things that don’t matter at all. Yet they say, Power belongs to the people. We are in a country Where the armed … Continue reading We Are in a Country