I Eat And Write At The Same Time. Sue Me ( Eye Roll)

I Eat And Write At The Same Time. Sue Me ( Eye Roll)

So yesterday was an amazing day for me. I slept, ate, slept and ate again (lol). You’re probably wondering why I have so much free time in my hand to eat and to sleep. Well, Let me tell you why.

(clears throat)

1)I’m on break: I work as a teacher/ supervisor in a home-school that’s based on the American curriculum using ACE. ( Accelerated Christian Education) if you want to know more about this school click on the link below.


You see, this school help children to learn individually, meaning; they learn according to their own pace, according to how fast or how slow they are. They never get rushed, so everything they learn, they truly learn them. So yeah, I’m on break, which means I can rest. But not for long though. Hence the sleeping and the eating… when I wasn’t on break, I always make sure to write after work. Whether it’s one page, half a page or even two lines. Because I realized when I don’t write I feel unaccomplished. And that’s a bad feeling for me. This brings me to my number two reason

2) I write almost every day: with my eyes always glued to my laptop screen, I sometimes get headaches and backaches. Yes I know I should sit properly and reduce the light from my system when typing. But common, can you enjoy working sitting upright like you’re some baroness or a princess? Of course not, sitting on the floor, on the couch, or someplace else is much better. You can have a cup of coffee while working, ice cream, yogurt, chocolates, shawarma, the list goes on.

So yeah, I eat and I write, sue me (eye roll). Anywho… that’s basically what I do every day when I wasn’t on break. It was tiring.

3) I read: you see I realized that all that my dad used to tell me about reading is true. He said, “ the more you read, the more knowledgeable you become”. and its absolutely true.

When I started or rather re-started writing in 2016, I was awful. Like my story was all over the place, I didn’t know where and when to put a comma, full stop or even semi column. So I went deeper into reading. I would read two to three books (novels of different genres) in three days. Taking notes of how the writer writes, their sense of humor, how serious the characters get, their manner of facial or body expression etc. So the more I read, the better I became in writing. Okay, hold on, let me put a sample of my 2016 work of “Fola”. please oh, don’t laugh. Okay, here it is.

I wonder what you’re thinking about now Fola? Do you want me to put you down? Or do you have someone that can help you?. I thought of lying but the truth came right out.

(Here two people were talking. I didn’t indicate who they were)

No I don’t have anyone or any place to stay.

(No quotation mark)

He nodded his head. Then we shall find you a place, some food, clean you up and take care of your ankle.

(Same here; no quotation mark)

Oh my that will be awesome, I’ll sleep well tonight, and I’ll be clean too. This is amazing. Of course I didn’t say this out loud, that will just make ‘the wall’ have more pity on and I hate it( pity I mean). So instead I smiled and said ”thank you”.

But then he said something that made my heart sink right into my belly.

”You will be staying in my house tonight”.

As you can see, my writing at that time was zero over ten. I was totally terrible. But I give God the Glory now, cause I’m better. And I am getting even better.

So why am I writing this; well basically because I feel like writing duh.., and also I need you guys to know that whatever you’re doing, whether you are good or bad in it, don’t give up. Keep doing it and see how good you’ll become. A baby didn’t begin to walk overnight. So take your time in learning, you’ll get there.

Oh yeah! and also to tell about why I ate and slept throughout my day.

Did I mention it was amazing?
Yes, I did.

But I’ll say it again, in case you didn’t get me the first time.

It was amazing. 🙂

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