For The BoyChild: for their broken thoughts

have you tried to freeze your thought?
have you tried to print your smiles?
have you tried to be normal like a child?
have you tried to laundry the layers of your laughter &found no soap &water?
have you tried calling your names &
the echo bounces back on you like a pricks
of a foregone dreams? Life itself is bias.

Open the collar of your shirt & see those
sweat that describes your cracking day.
Even if the sun unmasked your feelings
& you emotionally tamed the eel boys,
Your silence becomes louder than noise
Your photograph becomes brighter than the
sun’s smiles and rays penetrating into
the souls of darkness and sadness.

We are boys and boys alike with broken
thoughts of lines and stanzas falling like
leaves & fruits from a miserable tree.
Boys like us do have dreams like Joseph,
But tongues are toilored to the girl’s eyes
letting our names tanished in a mud.
We are boys but without a hope of today.
Who tells you that boyhood has no pain?

We do cry also, we do have agonies…
We get raped also, we get brutalized
We are boys alike with broken thoughts
We get assaulted also, we get twisted,
Humiliated and abused like our girls.
Why no one talks about our plights?
Why do we pick interest only on girls?
Weakness also weighs us down atimes.

Who tells you that boys are stronger?
Who tells you that boys are smarter?
Who says we are greater in this life?
We are the nexus of this mistake also
We have our weaknesses & sorrows!
Boys are not perfect like you think
We dare & doubt & fear like the birds
gathered in cage to be slaughtered.
Boys also cry too like the girlchild.

Yours Poetically,
©John Chizoba Vincent

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