Dear Parkland Students

Dear Parkland Students

What you all have been able to achieve since the tragic event of February 14 is remarkable. It’s really amazing to see you lead hundreds of thousands of Americans in a march demanding for sensible gun control. History will forever remember the Marjory Stoneman Douglas school shooting differently simply because you refused to become just another statistic. You took your loss and pain and made it into a movement and not just a moment.


You are young and yet you’re changing your world in such a momentous way. The reason why your age matters to me, in particular, is because in my country Nigeria, young people are not regarded and this probably stems from African culture where children are expected to be silent in the presence of elders. This is what I keep wondering ever since the #NeverAgain movement started if the Nigerian youth should unite in purpose and protest once more against bad governance, will our current crop leaders listen and do right by us?

Protesting is not alien to Nigerians as we gained our independence from our colonial masters through protests among other forms of resistance. Later in 1966, we fell under military rule and once again, we protested against tyranny until we finally returned to democratic rule in 1999. Unfortunately, our civilian leaders have turned a blind eye to the sufferings of the people that one begins to wonder; how can we gain freedom from a democratic government?

My hope is that someday soon, my fellow Nigerians will find the strength and courage to speak truth to power like you are doing and demand that our leaders do better by us. Thank you for showing me that true power belongs to the people. Continue in this spirit of activism and never shy away from leadership positions. Brave people like you all deserve to lead the rest of us.

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