Excerpts on BECKY ( 3rd book on the imperfectly perfect book series

Anyway, with that by the side, I walked into the living room.
“Becky, what’s up? Aren’t you supposed to be at the headquarters with the guys?” asked Fola.
I looked at her removing the thought of baby Lara being from my head. Her tummy is extremely huge. It’s like she swallowed the biggest size of a calabash.
With my eyes still on hers, I asked with a straight face “can you manage to stay with Michael and Gibson for a whole day without losing your mind?”
She shook her head at me.
“Well, same goes for me. Yes, they are sweet, and caring and totally good men but at the same time they drive me crazy with their macho attitude of protecting me like I’m some little child in need of protection”.
Fola kept quiet as she sat on the couch with a bowl of pepper fruit and diced cucumber. She has some weird, crazy cravings. I really don’t know how Michael handles her.
“You look cute,” she said suddenly as her eyes roamed up and down my frame not listening to what I just said about the men. I looked at myself too. I do look cute. Today I decided to dress girly. I’m wearing a yellow flower dress that’s a little bit above my knees with red sneakers and a gold chain bag. The dress is new, I love it.
I looked back at her and said: “thanks, sugar”.
She picked up a pepper fruit, chewed it, then picked up a cucumber and tossed it into her mouth. Then she began to chew, her eyes closed in complete bliss. I stared at her as she chewed wondering how she can possibly enjoy what she’s eating.
Once she was done, she opened her eyes noticing my look.
“What?” she asked, as she picked up another pepper fruit and cucumber and tossed them into her mouth.
“Nothing” I replied, deciding to not tell her. I don’t know how she’ll react.
“Okay. So tell me about the men. Why don’t you like them protecting you? Cause you’ve been with them longer than I have, you’re supposed to be used to their protection by now” she said as she tossed another pepper fruit and cucumber into her mouth. She’s like a grinding machine. Grinding every bit of food in her mouth in less than 10 seconds.
I moved to the couch where she was sitting with her legs stretched out and sat down beside her, throwing my bag carelessly on the couch.
“Well their determination to keep me safe is keeping me single” I stated as I took a breath.
“Keeping you single?” she asked, her forehead formed three lines indicating that she’s confused.
“Yes, Fola, single” I reiterated. “Every guy that comes close to me gets scared because of one look at these guys. I mean I’m surrounded by all of them. Their looks scare away potentially good men that find me attractive and want to ask me out. Tell me, how do I get married and then pregnant if I can’t even get one man?”
“You want to get pregnant?” she asked incredulously
“Of course I do why wouldn’t I?” I replied feeling hurt by her question. Does she think I want to spend the rest of my life as a single woman? It’s not like I own a dog or a cat that can keep me company for a few years. Hm but wait oh that’s not a bad idea; maybe I should get a dog, or a cat, or a parrot. No, a dog will be better. Yes, I’m getting a dog.
“Hello, Earth to Becky” sing-song Fola getting my attention.
“Huh What?” I asked as I tried to clear the thoughts of cute little German shepherds and retrievers from my head.
“What were you thinking about?”
“Are you sure?” She asked, looking doubtful.
“Yes I’m sure Fola”
Her eyes lingered on me for a few seconds. Then she shrugged and tossed pepper fruit and cucumber into her mouth. She kept eating. The room was quiet because none of us intended to talk anymore. After a while, she started to speak as she moved the pepper fruit and cucumber in her bowl plate around; this bowl plate was balanced on her rounded belly.
“If you’re trying to get rid of Michael and Gibson just because you want them to stop protecting you, then you’re making a great mistake. Those guys are born protectors. They protect the people they love and they are not the only ones that love you, Kenneth is there too.” She stopped talking to give me a smug look. I rolled my eyes at her, she smiled knowingly at me and then she continued, “And we both know Kenneth is crazy about you. So your mission of getting a guy, getting married and then having kids has already been sorted out, because as far as I’m concerned, Kenneth is the guy.

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