For The BoyChild: Solace And Solitude

(SOLACE AND SOLITUDE) if all tongues wag for the girlchild then, what happens to the boychild? if all the rivers run to the hut of females, the farms of males will be left unattended with hornful thorns! Boys are dreamers of tomorrow’ pains Painstakingly breaking down mountains &hills through the celestial wildlife of vulnerabilities & … Continue reading For The BoyChild: Solace And Solitude

Every Man Has a Price.

Michael ran his fingers through his foaming beards as if he was doing a head-count for his hairs. The spray tube sprinkled waves of gentle bubbles of warm water at his face… and indeed, the warm bath suited his mood and was exactly all he needed to seal his long day. His wife’s birthday was … Continue reading Every Man Has a Price.

Looking At Me

Looking At Me

When someone looks at you, what do you normally think? I don’t really blame the eyes because, beholding is a free gift of nature, and they will keep beholding the enthusiastic nature of worldly attractions. For sure, not everything is appreciable towards sight; yet the beholder keeps beholding. PROFESSOR BUSH IS A BEHOLDER Professor Bush, … Continue reading Looking At Me