To Love a Mermaid

Title- To love a Mermaid.
Author- Tito Ubabuko.
Jake stood at the balcony of his beach house which was the only property he had inherited from his father; he was regarded as the black sheep of the family, having no one to love or care about him. He loved looking at the sunset from his beach house, it was a beautiful site he consulted to distract him every day from the numerous frustrating thoughts which clustered in his head like a galaxy. It had only been a few months since he moved into the beach house, but this house had much to tell. It was old; the roof had leakages, the doors had suffered from termite attacks and could not be closed completely, the wooden floor made creaking sounds when stepped upon and for the worst of all, he shared the house with animals which had taken the house as their habitat; no wonder it was willed to poor Jake, the bad egg was really abandoned this time. He had a glass of lemonade in his hand as he reminisced his encounters with his family, a tear drop caressed his cheek, but he had the dying sun to comfort him like a father and the busy sea wind to dry his tears like a mother. The sun was almost gone now, when a sight interrupted his thinking; to him he saw a human’s head pop out of the water, maybe it was his mere imaginations playing with him. He turned around to enter inside the house only to hear the water splash vigorously, but this time he saw a fin, not just any other fin; this one was huge. He got anxious about what he had seen; the first seemed to be a human’s head, and now a monster fish. But in all this he concluded it to be a large fish which had come to the shore for planktons or for some other reason.
“no, no. no !!!!!”, Jake muttered on his bed, damped in his sweat, he sprung from his bed confused and grateful it was only a nightmare, he rushed to the bathroom and washed his face. He looked into the mirror trying to stay focused acknowledging he was no longer in a dream. He struggled with the bed trying to go back to sleep but he couldn’t, it was only then that he heard a woman’s voice, this was no ordinary song; it was a language he could not understand. The wind transported her sound as far as it could go. He wondered who she was and why she sang at this time of the night. He rushed to the balcony but could not find this woman, her singing could still be heard, in curiosity he was already outside the house following the sound to behold its source. Moments later he had found her, she sat on a large rock close the shore but was partially submerged in the sea, she had a long golden hair, her skin radiated from the rays of the moon like she wore some scale of a fish or a snake, she was tall and had an enchanting feminine stature, every part of her body was beautifully formed, he wanted to meet her and know why she was here all alone at this hour of the night. He was only a few feet from her when she noticed him, frightened from his approach she dived into the water and disappeared from his sight. Jake waited for her to come up for air as most humans would, but she didn’t, there was no movement in the water, not even the sound of a drowning human could be heard as he stared at the calm waves roll against the shore. While he waited on the rock he heard her voice, “why do u sit on my rock?” he quickly lifted his head to find her in the water, she was really beautiful, more beautiful in the water than she had been when he saw her sitting on the rock. “I just wanted to talk to you, I never meant to scare you, my name is Jake”, he said, stretching his hands out to shake her but she gave him a smile which warmed his heart, he was glad she responded positively to him, she raised her fin from the water and chuckled seeing Jake get dumbfounded, she was the creature he had seen three days ago, “I thought it was all a myth or fiction that mermaids existed”, he muttered, this time a real one was before him. She got out of the water and at once her tail turned into legs, she came closer to Jake and sat beside him, it dawned on Jake that she had no clothes on but a scale-like skin covered her nakedness, she was like a goddess. “I have existed as long as I can remember, through time and space but have never met someone like you. You are the first human who have never ran from me, sometimes I am called a siren or a mermaid as you just said but I am not these things; I have been blamed for drowning, shipwrecks, plane crash, flooding and many others over thousands of years of my existence, I have been worshipped by some, and condemned by others”, she was sad this time, they both had something in common, misjudged by everyone and in search of true happiness. He looked at her and had compassion on the lady from the sea, “I should have fled from seeing you in this form, but here I am beside you, ready to accept you for whom you truly are. I think I would call you Ella”, her face brightened and glowed hearing these words from the man sitting close to her, he was incredibly handsome and she could tell the bitterness he bore in his heart.
Months went by as their relationship grew stronger; they both knew they were in love. She came only to the surface at nightfall, finding Jake already seated at the rock which was once hers alone, waiting to tell her things she was yet to know, but all she wanted was to see the human she had fallen in love with. Jake had now found his happiness in her, he wished she was totally human so he could have her to himself whenever he wanted, but she couldn’t go far from the sea. They both sat on the rock quiet, he wrapped his arms around her as she placed her head on his chest, they were both tired of not having each other totally, they simply looked at the moon’s reflection on the sea as waves broke it apart into thousands of fragments, it was time to decide where their love headed. The moment she looked into his eyes, he hid the worry in his heart of one day losing her either to death or circumstances,”come live with me in the sea, I can give you immortality and the love you never had here, my powers are limited from turning myself into a human, but I can transform you into my kind”, she said. Jake had his gaze now on the endless sea, he had nothing to lose this time, he had found a new love to live with, he looked back at the beach house his father left him, he thought of his family, but he had no regret for the decision he was about to make, as long as he would be happy for eternity. They held hands as they deeper into the sea, she held him close and while she kissed him, he transformed into her kind, they could finally be together for eternity, swimming the seas forever loving each other, and never again would he be abandoned or rejected by someone he loved.

2 thoughts on “To Love a Mermaid” by Tito (@ubabukoTitoEbuka)

  1. Dinah (@ChidimmaOji)

    Love it ‘plenty’. very creative

  2. Creative piece but needs a lot of polishing.
    Try to rewrite it
    Rewrite it
    Then write the final piece.

    Plot was okay.
    Idea was okay to some point.
    Zero suspense I am forced to confess.

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