The One Friend- Episode 2



Boma was alone in the room, as Anny, her only roommate rarely sleeps in the room. All through the night she was feeling very devastated with no one console her. ‘How could he break up with me so easily without even a chance to explain myself, how could he call me names for no reason?’ she soliloquized as she resolved never to see or talk to him ever again and also to do everything possible to expunge him from her heart, no matter how hard or long that would take.

Two days later, Tom went to Balewa hostel, walked straight to room 301, Boma’s room. Unfortunately, Boma had already seen him coming into the hostel and decided to avoid him. ‘knock! Knock! Came Tom’s voice as he simultaneously knocks gently at the door. Boma’s friends and roommate, Aniekpeno, fondly called Anny answered from the room. Anny is completely aware of the glitch in their relationship  and had been asked by Boma to tell him that she had gone for lectures. ‘Hello, Anny, please I want to see Boma’ Tom said immediately the door opened. ‘Come inside’ Tom stepped into the room with her, looked around ‘where is she?’ he asked. She isn’t here; Tom, I understand what is happening between the two of you. I have been wondering and find it pretty difficult to understand why a handsome guy like you should be allowed to go through such hassles, don’t you think you deserve better than this. ‘please am just here to see Boma, where is she?  ‘Boma, that girl…..? She saw you coming, left the room and left instructions with her housemaid to tell you she had gone for lectures.’ ‘So where is she now?’ Why do you still care about that lying tongue that has been cursing and calling you all sorts of names for days now. Forget about her, she  has a heart stronger than stone. There is no amount of plea that will make her budge from her decision.

Tom, already irritated by Anny, trying to hide his annoyance suddenly spouted ‘Anny, I asked you a simple question, where is she? You guys are so grumpy, why is everyone treating me like am his maid or something?’ Tom struggling to hide his anxiety, calmly apologized and asked her, in the most polite way as possible, where Boma was. ‘Tosin’s room, 105’ she blurted. Immediately, Tom rushed out of the room, scampered around the hallway for room 105. When he found the room, he first inhale deeply and then exhaled before knocking at the door. ‘who is there?’ came Tosin’s voice. Before he could answer he heard Boma’s voice asking Tosin not to open the door that it could be him. ‘You are right Boma, it’s me, let her open the door. He waited for a while and could hear the two ladies arguing with each other. ‘Boma, I really am sorry, very sorry for what I did, he said still standing in front of the locked door. Tom kept on pleading and apologizing till he noticed that he had begun to attract attention and then he left.

The next day, Tom made a video for Boma. ‘I don’t know how else to reach you, you wouldn’t pick my calls, wouldn’t  respond to my messages neither would you  let me see you, you’ve practically avoided me like a leper. I do know that I have hurt you deeply and now I know that you are completely innocent of the things I accused you of, I really feel very ashamed of myself like a real leper. These few days without the beautiful ambience of your presence in my life have been like a year in the dark and stuffy Kirikiri prison. Please stop avoiding me, I need you just the way the star needs the dark sky to shine bright, like a raging fire needs fuel to burn faster, like the birds need the fruit of the earth to be nurtured, Boma, I feel like an accursed ghost condemned to walk the face of the earth aimlessly without you. At this point, a line of tears trickled from the edge of his left eyes which he immediately wiped with his palm. Please baby, come back to me, my life is so miserable right now, without you.  I can’t continue to live this way’ tears already welling up in his eyes, before I go, I want to remind you that I love you  very much, you are my world. As the welled up tears began to spill, he immediately stopped the video. Unedited, he posted the video on Instagram and facebook.

The next day, Boma went to hilltop, an off campus where students who do not want the hassles of the school hostel live in their rented apartment.

Boma pushed the ajared door and caught Tom wearing just his boxers lying down on his bed and deeply lost in thought. ’Boma!’ he jerked up as soon as he saw her, made to go and hug her but Boma swiftly avoided his hug and went into the kitchen. ‘what have you been eating all these while? I hope you’ve not been starving yourself because I will break up with you forever, if you develop ever ulcer.  Did you hear me?’ She teased as she opened one pot after another. Tom stealthily grabbed her from the back and carried her to the room. ‘You naughty boy, what….?’ Before she could finish her sentence, her whole lips and tongue was already seized with Tom’s kisses. Like starving lion and lioness that just caught their preys, they kissed so passionately like it was going to be their last on earth. The kiss led to another thing and the rest became history though hugely different from the history of colonialism found in government textbooks and slightly different from the one found in biology caused by the chemical hormones in their bodies that led to law of push and pull in physics textbooks.


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