Lady in Red- Tito

Title: Lady in Red.
Author: Ubabuko Tito Ebuka.
Veronica giggled as she walked into the restaurant holding Desmond; the love of her life whom she have been dating for three years and five months. Veronica was a beautiful lady who was in her late twenties. She was deeply in love with Desmond and hoped someday they both got married. Her giggling quickly stopped when she noticed the other customers looking at her enigmatically. The evening seemed to be gleesome for them as they made their way to an empty table. Desmond was really handsome and a gentleman. He ushered her to her seat and gave a bow like she was a queen, while he was her servant. His smile was enthralling; his teeth, sparkling white as the moon. She couldn’t wait for him to ask for her hand in marriage. He was a mechanical engineer in the Innoson automobile company. He was every woman’s dream man, and she found herself lucky to have him as her spouse. She sat down looking at him wink an eye at her. His masculine scent was abjectly prodigious. She knew the night would end with both of them muffling themselves under the bed sheets. His timbre voice made her feel safe; she could give anything to be with him. He had a good sense of humor and was fun being around with. Before he turned to walk to his seat, he leaned in and kissed her, not minding the population in the restaurant. He was never shy of being free with her, even in public. She had begged him on several occasions to lessen this attitude, but he was recalcitrant to take heed to her plea. Desmond was going to be thirty seven years old in two months coming. He was a head taller than almost all the men in the restaurant. His stature was like that of a gladiator or an athlete. He sat down with ease and grabbed the menu which was on the table. The red roses which were kept at the center of the table were so perfect. They melded with the glasses on the table which reflected the lights from the chandeliers; making the night look so romantic. He always took her to an expensive restaurant when there was something to celebrate. This was the type of life she had dreamed of living, and she was glad it was coming to pass. The only thing which was missing in their relationship was a ring. Veronica’s hands prowled through the hem of her gown. It was a black dinner gown which he had gotten her on Valentine’s Day. This seemed to be the perfect dress for a night such as this. She searched for her lover’s face which was thwarted by the menu he held. Desmond was always cheerful and funny. He gently laid the menu down to reveal his charming eyes to her. She giggled again and threw a rose at him which she had retrieved from the flower glass. As the night went deeper, they both held hands as they both ate and drank. Love was in the air for Veronica and Desmond. Every time she peered into his eyes, seemed like the first day to her. All her past affairs with other men were void, with no result. She was finally fulfilled to have found Desmond. They had met each other at a trade fair and were deeply in love. This was love at first sight. At first she wasn’t sure what she felt for him. But as time went on, this feeling was found to be love. His eyes glowed for her even in the intense illuminated room. She was enjoying every bit of this evening with the man she loved. At intervals he would hold her hands and caress them, leaving veronica to shudder from the sensation it ignited. Desmond was an expert in knowing what veronica wanted to feel as a woman. He was the true definition of romance. The sight of him could make a volcano erupt from the heart of an ice berg. She blossomed for him like a flower. She smiled and laughed at almost everything he said. He was hard working and wealthy due to his position in the company as the branch manager. He was prolific in the company and seemed to be successful for a man of his age. She was convinced that he would propose to her someday. But first, she had to be the woman who would love him to a fault.
Desmond focused his eyes at the beautiful woman who sat before him and loved her the more. Veronica was all he wanted in a woman. She seemed so attentive to all he said and gave a nod to all his words. Her brown eyes never digressed from him. Her dark silky hair swayed from side to side as she laughed. They ordered for a vodka martini which was veronica’s favourite and decided to end the night with a glass each. He had not planned to love her this much. He never knew the feelings he had for veronica would transform into something stronger. But here they were, three years and some months had already gone by and they loved each other the more. Maybe it was time he settled down and had a family with her, he pondered. She was the ideal woman every man would love to marry. She was a lover and a friend who was always there for him. She had been with him through the good times and the bad. She may not be the prettiest woman there is, but her heart was like a chest of gold and precious stones at the bottom of the sea, waiting to be discovered by some pirate. He was going to make sure he was that pirate. All it would take was to take her by surprise; purchase an expensive ring and kneel before her, stretching it out. She glittered before him in the ambience of the restaurant. He was glad seeing her enjoy the evening.
“We are having our family thanks giving next week Sunday. I would love you to come. And maybe meet my parents and the entire family. Please say yes!” said Veronica, holding his hand firmly. He knew what this meant; he was going to be introduced to the family as her boyfriend or maybe fiancé. And this would take their relationship to the next level- marriage. Desmond had the hunch that she was ready to settle down with him. But he was enveloped with fear to have a meeting with her entire family. She always talked about her father who was a disciplinarian and a retired soldier in the Nigerian army, while her mother held a respectable post in the church. What a scary day that would be for him. She could tell how nervous he had gotten from the question she asked, his countenance went pale and his witticism had soon disappeared.
“If your dad pulls out a gun to shot me dead or if your mum tries to spank me for drinking a beer, promise me you would save me”, said Desmond. He pushed his bushy brow up and made a funny gesture of holding a gun. Veronica couldn’t help but laugh once again. At this moment she was tipsy and loved him acting all funny. She was glad he was going to meet her parents and no longer be a stranger to them.
“I need to use the bathroom my love, give me a couple of minutes”, said veronica. She stood up and fluttered towards Desmond to kiss him before heading for the bathroom. Though veronica walked languorously she seemed to be in control of her body. Desmond couldn’t help but smile as he watched her make her way to the ladies room. She turned and gave him a wave before finally disappearing out of sight. He sat quietly at the table waiting for his inamorata to return. But he observed something intricate; or would I rather say someone enigmatic. At the far end of the restaurant was this woman who never took her gaze off him. He smiled at her to ease the tension; taking a look at his wrist watch, he realized the time was already past nine. He raised his head to discover this mysterious woman still looking at him sternly. She was alone at the table which seemed quite odd to him. He could not deny the fact that she was beautiful. Her fair skin went aglow in the restaurant. Desmond was disconcerted with the way she looked at him; it was a lascivious act she portrayed. She stood from the table and prowled towards him. Desmond grew weary as she approached him; pondering why veronica spent much time in the bathroom. He wished she had not excused herself in order to restrain this lady from approaching him. Just then did he realize how beautiful this lady was as the distances between them diminished with every step she took. Her red gown could not subdue her feminine endowments. Desmond had never seen a woman with such a perfect body in his entire life; not even that of veronica could be compared with what he saw before him. This lady had totally captivated him and the other male customers who were in the restaurant. Her presence was felt all through the room, but she was not bothered about them. Her eyes were permanently fixed at Desmond. Her hair flailed from every motion she made. She leered at Desmond who was now trembling from the feelings she inflicted on him. She was now so close him that he could feel the warmth of her skin, and could perceive the cologne she wore. He could not lift his face to look at her properly. She was the greatest temptation that had ever come across his way. This lady was unlike other women he could withstand. He felt the smoothness of her palm brush against his chin, as she pushed his face upward to look into her eyes. He first looked at her feet and then at her perfect thighs which matched with the curvature of her hips. His eyes were lost in her obvious protuberant bosoms. She smiled when she noticed his eyes gazing at her body and exploring the merchandize she had to offer. Her kind of woman always got whatever she wanted and who ever she wanted, but right now he was her priority. She was observant of how he treated Veronica and wanted a taste of it. Desmond’s handsomeness had also attracted her to him. She deeped her hand into his pocket and retrieved his pen. On a piece of paper she tore from the menu, she blotted out her contact number and address. Desmond was extremely nervous which made him sweat profusely. He could not take his gaze off her as she wrote on the table. Her tight mini red gown defined the size of her behind as she bent over to write. Desmond was lost in his thoughts of this lady who was before him. After she had finished writing on the piece of paper, she leaned forward at Desmond like she was going to kiss him. Only to stop and slightly brush her lips against his.
“I’ll be expecting your call”, she said. The lady stood erect and winked an eye at him before making her way for the exit. Desmond quickly turned around to look at her perfect body for a moment before she finally left. He adjusted himself and wiped the sweat from his face, and realized some of the male customers were looking at him excited, while others gave him a thumb up. What just happened seemed to be shocking to him; it had all happened in less than a couple of minutes. Veronica emerged from the ladies and made her way for the table where her lover sat patiently, waiting for her. Before veronica got to her seat, Desmond had to make a decision on what to do with the piece of paper which could be easily detected. It was either he got rid of it or kept it. Veronica sat down smiling, but he did not reply positively as he always did.
“Is everything alright my love?” asked veronica.
“No dear, it’s not alright”, he replied.
“Why? What’s wrong?” she asked.
“Because I missed you”, said Desmond; finally smiling at her. They both chuckled and went back into loving themselves at the dinner table. But Desmond found it difficult to erase the thoughts of the lady in red. The night was perfect for them as they both held hands and walked out of the restaurant the same way they walked in. Just then did Desmond remember to touch his pocket and feel the piece of paper which bared the contact of the lady, whose body no man can resist.


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