Cry of a jambite

Dear UNN,
For the first time in years, my lacrimal gland is secreting tears. I’m not a henchman of Karl Max,but I sit through the days,watch the plays,take in the rays and have been dumb-founded by the nefarious act of mankind that has lingered for centuries. I’ve remained taciturn and wondering like the lonely cloud which has nothing to rest on. As a comrade will always say, “a still water runs deep”.
A pandemic tsetsefly has perched on the scrotum of event causing a pestiferous schadenfreude which always envelope one into a state of woebegone.
I feel sorry for who I’m and who I couldn’t be.I’m going through hell in a shell. Can you feel my pain? I could go insane. I really could. “Hold on to God”,i hear them whisper.The world is no longer an oyster but a rapid pile of beastly cannibals.
UNN!!! Please be the medicament to my predicament.I wanna be a lion.A bad ass lion.

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