My gold of inestimable price

She is bought with a price

Far above rubies mother nature’s work of art

A gift to mankind valued above everything

Radiating the glory of her maker God

My Queen so beautiful likes the sun of the morning

She owns the key to my heart so far in distance land

I found her she finds me we both found love and happiness

Am her joy the best thing that has ever happen to her

Two hearts that beats as one Wurami…Ayomi

The essence of a beautiful woman

So engrossed in your beauty

My essence and my sunshine there is no like you

Iyawo mi am so sure to call you that because you are to me

A gift send from above you are the only one

My light in night you are my world

God our everything we thank God for bring us together

So much of you is what I long for and desire

Wurami you are my Ayomi

No one be like you

So take my hand lets go on a journey of love

Praying the Creator to give us both and grant us a safe journey

In finding love and sweet happiness that wull last till night for us

So come along take off away fear doubt distrust away


Remember always that love takes time

Love flourishes at the fountain of forgiveness

Offences will come toes will be stepped

But when all this comes remember to forgive


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