and I heard hell called on men
for eternal life for them all
they ran here and there with
decorated bottles of beer and
handy skimpy sluts.
filthy theme of righteous played
they called heaven a dreadful hell
the demons rejoiced at the gate
each man was called a street
each street was named after a slut
each house was termed destruction
each men were entitled for a virgin
a virgin to straighten themselves in bed.
a public hole was created for all
come, fall in and die and be born again.
satirically, I watched men shattered,
shattered of smothering laughter
planting kisses on the loose foundations
because what they heard wasn’t what
they’ve seen on the last day.
maybe, they were deceived by sermons.
maybe, they found joy in sadness
they told a tale of how hell is best
colourful place for a virgin laughter.
then, I woke up to see more sin on
the body of coated clay earth.
two cities created themselves:
heaven and hell, a choice is
left for you to make for eternity.

Yours Poetically,
©John Chizoba Vincent

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