The Devil’s Lair – Episode 4



I was being chased along the steep hills and with each turn , my pursuers were ready to pounce . I had lost the will to fight but I knew I had to run and hide or I would be killed . A brown little house stood on top of the rocky hill and while it would be difficult to get there , I had to gather every last sinew of energy to run . It must have been less than a second when all of a sudden , the hill started to crumble and the rocks came flying down . As I tried to escape , a huge rock fell and smashed my leg . I cried in pain as another rock fell on my thigh as I struggled to escape .

This was me staring at death .

I had wriggled free and started to crawl with my badly mangled legs when a large sword pierced my skin.

I could feel the sword hanging out loosely at my back and it seemed like the end .
I passed out .
I woke up to see myself close to a burning flame . I had wanted to get up when I heard a loud shout of “anathema!”
My huge frame was lifted and before I could scream , I realized I was in a boiling pot of water .
I was being cooked !
I closed my eyes to say my last prayers ….
7:15am was what I opened my eyes to…
The room was lightly illuminated and the rising sun had peered into the corner adjacent to where my mattress was .
I looked around and realized it was a dream .
Thank goodness it stayed that way !
My mind quickly snapped to the wedding .
I knelt down and said a quick “ our father “. This was the only piece of prayer I could mutter in all my life . I always felt too lazy to talk to God in something that was not more than default .
My thoughts raced back as I grabbed the pink bucket with my towel and soap and dashed for the bathroom .
The bathroom is the perfect example of Lagos traffic ; endless queue and nothing behind it . Sometimes , my compound people could spend hours and some, minutes . The landlord had told me a story of a lady who was almost beaten to coma after she stayed in the bathroom for an hour taking selfie on a Monday morning while people waited .
I was ready to beat up anyone who held me . I was lucky today .. oh well ! Perhaps it’s Saturday … no rush hour
I quickly rushed my bath and applied some lotion . Picking up the neatly ironed tuxedo from the table , I shuttled thoughts of how all eyes would be on me ;
I applied a perfumed spray and then wore my shoes .
Looking at the mirror , I realized that the life of a rich man is determined by his money . I admired myself and swore there and then , to make money ; enough money !
The distance to the venue was a 50 naira ride and I tried to make sure I didn’t get stained . The Okada driver avoided potholes and any form of water on the road .
“ Matthew , where are you ?” I put a call to him .
“ inside na …. come in “ , the voice on the other end responded .
I climbed up the stairs to the hall where the reception was to take place .
Indeed ! Money is good

“ this hall cost 25 million to rent o “ , Matthew spoke into my ears as I tried to digest everything i saw
This had every look of a society wedding !
Thank God I did not disappoint o !
The hall was large and beautifully decorated in pink and fuchsia . It was clear that this was a woman’s handiwork .

The hall looked too romantic and feminine!
I spotted a group of men and ladies rehearsing dance steps at the corner of the hall. The simplicity and class told me that these were possibly the bridal train and they perhaps wanted to add an extra touch to the event .
The aroma of different foods whiffed through my nostrils and directed my eyes to the ‘a la carte ‘ of different stainless covered bowls lined up like soldiers on a parade .
I turned back to see a fair old man sporting a royal blue agbada and shiny black moccasins. He oozed wealth .

“ where is my son ? “ , he asked as he walked past me without even looking in my direction .
Chief Thomas EKEH was a one time minister of petroleum . He was one of those men who had amassed wealth through a lot of underground and shady dealings.
His bodyguards marched almost immediately and followed him behind , muttering into their walkie -talkie as they moved .
Something kept telling me that Henry might be chief thomas’ son .
Just then , Matilda walked into the hall . She looked a bit darker than when I had seen her the last time and wore a blue top and jeans .

I wondered within me why she was out here when she should be indoors doing some face beat and preparing for her big day .
As she came close , she gave me a wry smile and ran to give me a hug ……

Something wasn’t right ….

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