The Cry Of An Ameke Boy

The Cry Of An Ameke Boy

When will I travel down this road that runs through the hill?
When will I journey on this road that is flanked on both sides by tall trees and shrubs?
The people of our Ameke village that travelled on this road
All returned and become gburugburu, odogwu and ome-ego.

When will I travel on these roads?
I heard this road leads to Lagos and this other one leads to Abuja
I heard Lagos has plenty monies and that is where Onoh, our wealthiest man got all his monies from
I heard Abuja is the seat of power and that is where Chekwube, that nwanyi-ojoo got all her oppressive powers from
Oh! Ebube Chukwu… Help me! I want to travel on these roads
To pack monies and powers and establish myself in this Ameke village like Onoh and Chekwube did.

When will I travel on this road that is as smooth as my dark skin to the cities that I saw in my dreams?
When will I seat on one of the guragura motors that takes and brings goods to the cities
And watch Ameke, the village of my birth go back back in the ears(side mirrors) of the motor.

I want to go to the city
Oh! Ye spirits of the road that Pa Ugwueje spoke highly of
I plead to you.. Come and take me on your back to the cities
I want to go places other than this Ameke, my place of birth
I want to see people different from my Ngwo brothers and sisters.
Oh! Ye spirits of the road
Come and take this poor boy of Ameke on your back like the mother I was told you are
To Lagos and Abuja.
I want to go on these roads to where the roads lead
I want to go on these roads to where it ends so that me too would seat in the mist of the Umunna to share my experience.

One thought on “The Cry Of An Ameke Boy” by Alade Abayomi Idris (@Aladeidris)

  1. … and when you get there, do not forget where you came from… let not the pervading wind of oblivion sweep you away with swollen seduction of flamboyance…

    Nice piece . Alade Abayomi Idris. But your name sounds alien to the geographical location of your poetry… you obviously are a great traveler, either in thoughts, books, or reality.,

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