Riddles Of Love

God loves everyone and everything because he created them all. Besides, his name is love and this, he never hesitated to demostrate to everyone under his watchful eyes.
We humans, being made in the image of God, are told to love and do everything in love just as our creator was, is and will forever be.
We have failed in this aspect. We failed to put that simple thing called love that creator freely gave to us to good use. The result of our failure to put love to action culminated in the incessant wars we see and hear about every now and then, mass killings, greeds to mention but a few.
Showing love to people or getting it is as hard as making money. Those who wanted love did not get it and those who showed it suffered unrequittedness. Each and everyone got disappointed by the thing called love. And we wondered ” why am I not loved” from the rear sorry seat where we often retired after each disappointment.
The sad truth is that apart from the love of God the creator, human love is not for everyone. That is why some people get love even when they least deserved it and others get hatred where they should be loved.
In a family, father and or mother can not love their children equally no matter how hard they tried. They would tried to, but they just would not be able to do that. In the same vein, the children would loved one of their parents better than the other, no matter what the other tried to do to balance the equation.
Furthermore, at the place of work, bosses would preferred a staff to the other sometimes as a result of performance and at other times, just because of sheer likeness that the boss cannot explained. The staff that is complaining of not being loved is also guilty of the same offence as by poised by nature. He or she doesn’t love her or his bosses alike. He liked one better than the other and he or she would never hesitate to show this if given the power to do so.
Love should be treasured. Alas! In reality, it is never cherished. Those who found love so easily abused it. They know they can easily get it even when they didn’t want it. This is the reason why those who give love so freely get disappointed. What a conflict of love in giving and taking it! Those who get love so easily never think of the importance of love they get so freely. They never considered themselves so lucky to have love showered on them by the people they often take for granted. To them, getting love is normal. They would never learn how precious and special it is to get love until the tide turned against them which rarely happened.
Those who laboured so hard to get love and get little or nothing in return always wear sad faces and are often pushed to the rear seat, where sorrow rented the greater part of their heart. They looked at those who threw the love they gave on their faces and wondered how unequally made the world is. They cried over what their bodies and souls wanted and longed for that they cannot get in the same way an hungry child cried for food.
The world is endowed and should be explored. The world’s features are good and great when utilized under the umbrella of love. But when you do not get love, don’t let the beauties of the world go away just like that. Find joy doing your things solitarily. Always have at the back of your mind that love is not for everyone. If you found love so easily, appreciate it even if it demands something from you. Do this to put smiles on the faces of those who give it and who rarely get it in return. Thanks.

Alade Abayomi Idris.

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