KGS To Unveil Gibran International Day

KGS To Unveil Gibran International Day


Khalil Gibran Society (KGS) a literary outfit based in Ibadan will on Sunday unveil Gibran International Day. Khalil Gibran Society (KGS) is a literary organization established to promote Gibran’s Works and literary ideology. Khalil Gibran Society (KGS) is affiliated with Gibran National Committee, Cedars Institute and Pen Lebanon.

On the other hand, Gibran International Day (GID) is an annual worldwide chain of events administered by the Khalil Gibran Society and the Gibran National Committee with support from the Cedars Institute and PEN Lebanon. It is a day devoted for artists, readers and lovers of Gibran’s books and artworks across the world to draw, paint and read any Gibran’s selected book. It is also an avenue of promoting painting and reading culture across the world. Gibran International Day is celebrated in schools, offices, markets etc. Organizers can organize reading/art seminars, workshops, for a, symposia and conferences to fulfill the day.

According to Adedoyin, “GID promises to be an avenue of book and poetry reading, arts exhibition, dramatic display etc. The date for the celebration of GID will soon be announced to the world. Those interested in organizing one event or another should follow this blog for further information –,”.


One of the facilitators of Khalil Gibran Society in Nigeria, Mr. Wole Adedoyin has stressed the reason why he and others brought the society to the country.

According to him, “Gibran Khalil Gibran, later known as Kahlil Gibran, was born on the 6th of January 1883 in Bsharri, a village in the north of Lebanon perched on a small plateau at the edge of Wadi Qadisha, known as the sacred valley. Gibran was a Lebanese literary figure respected worldwide. His style of writing was unique and exemplary. A literary model for upcoming and intending writers”.

“Gibran’s the Prophet is a work of such universal appeal that there is little to be gained from speculating on the identity of persons or places represented in it. For Gibran’s purpose was a lofty one, and his belief in the “unity of being” led him to call for universal fellowship and unification of the human race.

“We brought Khalil Gibran Society to Nigeria so that upcoming and intending writers can master his style of writing and improve on their writing. Same thing on his art works”.

“Khalil Gibran is like our own Wole Soyinka in Nigeria. The Lebanese treasures him just like we treasure Soyinka. For the year 2018, we have outlined many literary activities, some of which includes, Khalil Gibran International Day, Khalil Gibran Correspondence Course, Khalil Gibran Library and Writers Resource Centre, Khalil Gibran Database of Nigerian and Lebanese Writers, Khalil Gibran Wall Chart and Posters of World Famous Authors, Khalil Gibran Prize for Literature, The Prophet – Quarterly Journal of the Society, Khalil Gibran Annual Inter-secondary schools Essay Competition, Khalil Gibran Translation Project, Khalil Gibran Annual Arts Exhibition

Some of Gibran’s works include, The Madman (1918), The Forerunner (1920), The Prophet, (1923), Sand and Foam (1926), Kingdom of the Imagination (1927), Jesus, The Son of Man (1928), The Earth Gods (1931) and others.


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