Another Election Is Here Again

Another Election Is Here Again

If only Nigerians can say no to free money
Then they will be able to elect a good leader in a general election.

If only Nigerians will say no to free rice, garri and others
Then Nigerians will be able to choose a good leader.

If only Nigerians can say no to religious bigotry and tribalism
Then Nigerians will be able to vote wisely like they have never done in their history.

Alas! These people are too hungry to reject free foodstuffs
They are too broke to reject free money at polling booths
And they are too religious and ethnocentric to do what is right.

Before past elections, Nigerians would say
We would do it right this time and at the end
They did it the wrong way and they suffered the sufferness they shouldn’t have suffered.

Another election is here again
Will Nigerians do it right this time?

Will Nigerians let go of free money at polling booths and do what is right?
Will Nigerians reject free rice that their oppressors have ordered from Thailand and chase their oppressors away from the seat of power?

Will Nigerians see beyond the false manifestoes that would be read to them and do what is right?

Will the northern majority, southern and western folks agree for the first time to do what is right?

Like the way I have been doing in the time past, I will educate those around and leave them to decide on that day.

4 thoughts on “Another Election Is Here Again” by Alade Abayomi Idris (@Aladeidris)

  1. Nice writeup, simple but poetry need to be a bit complex to carry more weight.

  2. My early poems were complex due to my choice of words. I discovered that writing poems using lofty words didn’t help my readers. Most of them didn’t understand what I was trying to say in my early poems. This made me to change my style. Simplicity of words has helped me and my readers. Thanks for pointing that out.

  3. This piece is a thoughtful sentiment but i doubt taking away ‘the free’ of political machinations will change much. Both sides do it anyway.

    ‘The free’ can be found in any countries politics from the 1st world to the 3rd.

    I feel what our goal should be is the demand of a certain level of competency regardless of whose bum straddles the highest seat in the land.

    At the risk of sounding extremely cynical, The choice in an election really isn’t much of a choice at all, they are all politicians

  4. Election in Nigeria is evolving. It is only a matter of time, electorates will start having their “say” . Meanwhile do not ignore the fact that position seekers world-over have a way of dishishing out incentives during campaigns. It all depends on the nature of the incentive.
    Nigeria shall evolve above currupt election practices someday, this I believe.

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