Loosing the Precious

Losing the precious

How could I have know I was going t have the worst day of my life. As a teenager, I was quite naïve, very simple minded and never imagined that anyone could be horribly wicked.

It all happened some years ago, on the day of my POST-UTME exams. I came into my dream school whose name I won’t mention here, with so much excitement and optimism, everything in the school ranging from the beleaguered streets to the gigantic buildings were all wonderful in my sight. I said to myself, Sandra, welcome to your school. Even though, I was engrossed in admiration for the school. I was still conscious of the fact that I would not achieve my dream of studying in the school if I failed the test. I was still focused in writing and passing the test.

The department I applied for had about one thousand candidates. We were all standing  around a middle sized hall where happened to be our examination center. Some of the candidates were busy making acquaintance with each other, some others were patronizing snacks and food hawkers who made their biggest sales that day, the others were flipping through the pages of their books pretending to be studying as though they could understand anything amidst the buzzing of the crowd. At about 1:pm, a middle aged man dressed in a suit you won’t admire, stood on a platform ‘hello, everyone, listen up here’ everyone rushed close to him, some holding their ice cream, coke, groundnuts etc and those of us who pretended to be studying, flapped our books and rushed to him. ‘The examination is going to commence in about 30 minutes. It will be written in three batches in alphabetical order of your last names.  This is because the hall does not have the capacity to accommodate all of you at the same time’

At about 6:pm, the last batch where my name fell into entered the hall to write their own exams. When we left the examination hall, it was already dark, only for me discover that my  bag was missing. I looked everywhere inside and outside th hall, even though I clearly know where I kept the bag. There was no phone to call my uncle who was a student in the school. I didn’t know where to go from there, very confused and helpless I began to panic. What do I do, where do I go from here, who do I talk to? I was totally stranded. I waited for about 30 minutes to see if my uncle could come and pick me but I was disappointed. I became desperate and very scared and I remember I was also crying at the same time. Suddenly, I was startled by the deep bass voice of a guy, who suddenly appeared behind me ‘ hello, are you Sandra? Shocked to have a stranger mention my name ,y-e-e-s’ I said in a shaky voice. ‘Your uncle Obinna asked me to get you’ I was relieved to a great extent. But why didn’t come by himself? He had to make a sudden trip to Enugu, to meet his project supervisor. He has asked me to take you to his girl friend’s place.

I sheepishly followed him, though wondering why my uncle’s girl friend didn’t come instead. I decided not to act too curious as I was left with no other option than to go with him. I walked with him pass the school gate into a place where I saw mostly men, in fact I don’t think I saw a lady in the street that night. As I walked along with him pas some of the guys, I noticed some of them stopped their discussions and were looking at the both of us. Some murmured things that I could not here to themselves.

As we approached the gate of the house, where he was taking me, Sir, I don’t understand, where is this place and why are those guys looking at us so strangely. ‘My friend, shut up’ he snared, pushed me through the gate into the compound where I was handed over to a rough looking guy and an austere lady. They dragged me into a room, where my legs and hands were tied. ‘Hey, is this your bag?’ I was confounded, how did you get my bag? Why are you people doing this to me? ‘Shut up and listen snapped the guy, you are going to use your phone to call your uncle and tell him that scorp, the capon of the Black Axe cult  is holding you captive’ said the guy. The lady dialed my uncle’s number but it was unavailable. ‘If it money you want, my uncle does not have money. ‘Tawaii! Was the sound the resounding first slap I received from the lady. ‘Who told you we want money from your miserable uncle’ pointing gun at my forehead, ‘if you must know your uncle killed a member of the black axe and must pay with his own life. We are going to use you and make him show up. At that point I didn’t know whether to scream or just cry. I wished and prayed in my heart that everything that was happening to me would become just a nightmare.

Terrified to the marrows, I began to scream but the lady pointing the gun at me pulled the trigger. ‘If I hear your voice again, I will kill you this minute. Looking at her, I knew she meant every word she said. I couldn’t hold back the tears that was gushing from eyes, I began to sniff. The lady hit me with the head of her gun and I think I passed out.


When I woke up, I noticed that my hands and legs were free, probably they thought I was already dead. I heard some noise from another room in the house, the lady was moaning and at the same time complimenting the other person that was with her in the room. I felt a little dizzy when I stood up, managed to tiptoe to the door but the thought of meeting the guy that brought me in the compound came to my mind. I checked the window, but it was blinded by mosquitoes net. I wondered where I could get a sharp object to cut open the net.  While looking for a sharp object, I went into the bathroom and noticed that the mosquito net was half torn. Thank God, I spouted. I stepped on the water closet trying to climb and jump out of the window. As I was trying to drag myself through the window another resounding tawaii! landed on my back. They dragged me like a sac to a seat where my hands  were tied to. ‘You stupid girl, I can see you really want to die un behalf of  obinna, if you make such attempt again, I will chop your body into pieces’ said the lady.

I sat down on the ground feeling very exhausted with my hands tied to the arm of a seat all through the night. In the morning she kept bread in front of me and asked the guy to tie my legs and release my hand so that I could eat. ‘I need to go and see that stupid lecturer. Keep an eagle eye on eye on the brat. Am off, don’t forget to lock the door behind. She banged the door and left.  The guy tied my legs and released my hands, he made me eat all of the bread even though I said I didn’t have appetite. After I had eaten all of it and drank water. He began to trace my body with the tip of his gun, ‘you look beautiful’ he said. Began to zip down my top, at that point, I pushed him away tried to stand up but was resisted by the rope on my legs. Oh I forgot your hands are free.

He went into the other room in the house brought out a sharp knife and a corpse bag. You can’t imagine how terribly frightened I became at the sight of a glittering knife and a corpse bag. I thinks it will be better to get rid of you with a knife instead of the noisy gun that will end up attracting attention. Please don’t kill me, I beg you, I will do anything you ask of me, please spare my life, I cried. He dropped those things on the seat, tied my hand and untied my legs, began to do a lot of things that I can’t tell you the details to my body.

On that  horrible day, I lost something very precious to me in the most awful way. I was in deep pains, cried my eyes out and the guy was just lying beside me sleeping. When I heard him snore, I quickly thought of ways of escaping. Luckily, the corpse bag and the knife was just lying on the seat. I gradually picked the knife and cut the rope. I looked at him, he was still deep asleep, his gun lying carelessly on the ground. The thought of stabbing him ran through my mind. I struggled to resist the urge and quickly tiptoed to the door which was still unlocked, opened it and ran as much as I could.

As I ran I noticed that some people that saw me didn’t seem surprised as no one tried to stop me ask why I was running. I can’t remember at which point I slumped, the next thing I remember was waking up at  the school’s medical center and my mum sitting right beside me. What is happening, why am I doing in the hospital and how come you are here? She went and called a nurse, ‘my daughter is awake, please check to make sure she is totally fine. After examining me with her stethoscope, ‘she is ok’ said the nurse but needs to rest some more. Immediately she left, I hugged my mum and cried uncontrollably. With misty eyes and shaky voice ‘stop crying everything is fine’ she said. I couldn’t say anything but cried till I complexly drenched her left shoulder with my tears.

At this point, the school security came in. ‘miss, we very sorry for reportedly happened to you. Can you tell us by yourself what really happened to you. I began to narrate everything bit by bit amidst tears and sobs. My mum on the other hand kept on interrupting  with her utterances ‘make sure you catch those criminals, may God punish them, make sure they rot in jail, they will die shamefully. After I finished narrating the whole incidence to them,’ Can you describe the location of the house where they kept you’ , ‘yes but nit very well’ I responded. The described the road that leads to the house and they seem to quickly comprehend the place.

My mum took me back to Enugu and after two weeks, I heard the guy was apprehended in the examination hall. The lady on the other is still on the run, or one of my mum’s curses on them has befallen her as no one has heard anything about her till today. My uncle Obinna, was found dead and was said to have been killed by the black axe.

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  1. Thanks to the admins for publishing this article.
    The article is entirely written out of imagination and I thought would be better if classified as fiction.

  2. This is an interesting story although its not an experience one would wish in this life, its the evil that cultism brings to our society especially innocent youths that fall victims.
    Thanks Dinah for this write up

    1. Thanks Aijay for your comment.

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