For The Girlchild

For The Girlchild

To this brokeness of women, the world flopped and flipped out.
How life flawed and tampered the ice of the girlchild!
How green became red images to their eyes is still a misery to our flammable fable eyes:
of happiness gallopping towards sorrow,
We are here to locate the wind that
Caused their pains before they split into Imo and Abia.

How would I tell them of tomorrow unknown?
How would I drive into their thoughts and make a meal of time?
How would I tell them the river in our throats embrace dryness?
How would this earth continue to evolves and envelopes in their palms?
For they are our earth, women is the world!
Life to them is a wet roads with dry leaves…

Our hands have waved pity into their eyes to give solace,
Our legs have walked into their thoughts for glee embraces…
For the girlchild, for the innocent ones;
For those life peeled through their skins,
We have this to say:
We will never allow hunger to walk on the street seeking for you!
We will never allow cruel men come near you,
We will seek for men of goodwill to guide the chest of your virginity.
We’ll build a temperament alter of men
That will curse rape that walk in their thought.

This sand you walk on were your mothers who went fighting your course!
Many of them were trapped by evil men whose wealth blinded their eyes…
This is home again, our souls are home for you and your kind to stay and merry.
Looking at this busy sun on the idle cloud, we’ll hold violence to ransom,
ransom for breaking you apart,
ransom for holding your innocent mind
Your images on the walls of dangerous men shall be retrieved back…
You will not be like a village defeated by war,
You will not look like an orphan when men like us exist.

You are the water soaked in the eyes of our dreams, dear children,
Make haste to conquer fears and doubts as you pour yourselves into yourselves.
We pray as we fight, you’ll not mingle with a wrong men like water and oil.
This is our plead to pleasure your body
to the measurable deep barging silence.
You are golds to the eyes
Your are the gleaming sky…
You are the song in our throats splitting into cities of great wordiators.
To this world, we’ll listen to this love notes rendered with a calm voice,
For you’re the world itself.

Yours Poetically,
©John Chizoba Vincent.

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