Death Is A Bastard!

As I sat across the ward today, I heard a sudden, piercing cry.

Anwalamoooo! oohhh! Jesus why have you forsaken me! Eeeh! what did I do to deserve this Lord!

Nwachukwu come back o! Your sister is here waiting for you, come back biko!

My Son Oya wake up! Wake up! Let’s go home.

I never saw her. But her cries rang through the walls of the Hospital wards, along the stained , Izal smelling white tiles of the hospital.

Mothers who came in with their children to see the physician, clutched at them harder, many heads shook in sorrow at her cries .

Some shed a tear  or two. Some wiped their eyes with handkerchiefs ,  tips of their clothes .  Others took to side talks.

The beautifully dressed woman who stood before me as we waited to be attended to, seemed like nothing. Her beauty meaningless as i reflected on Mama Nwa’s unfortunate loss. We didn’t have to be born of the same parents, what Mama Nwa and all of us shared was Blood flowing freely and deeply in our veins.

Despair appeared boldly. She sashayed confidently on everyone’s minds and then faces, this unexpected visitor had taken a beloved young son away, leaving in his wake anguish, hopelessness, tears, fears and sorrow unimaginable. It was as my people say. ‘When Big trouble strikes you like thunder, little trouble blows hard like the wind’. Death had stricken, It was time for despair to blow.

Nwachukwu had breathed his last. His Elder sister sat down in wailing tears at the loss of her one-time playmate who now lay still on the hospital bed.

As I looked up to  my  Son, I said a quick prayer. That of declaration of Life against this Bastard who truly has no relative nor family, yet takes away anyone without question, explanation…leaving at times details and sometimes nothing.

And another to this woman, whose young son had been cut short by illness.  For strength and fortitude. The pain in the team of Junior nurses, Chief matron and Head Pediatrician who had worked ceaselessly to resuscitate Nwa was unmistakable.

It reminded me of Mama when she came home after the loss of Christy my little sister. We opened the door to see her wailing ‘Christy is gone! gone forever! For decades, I couldn’t get that memory off my head. I remember shedding a few tears not too long ago . A loss is a loss no matter how hard you try.

So I say a prayer today for you. If you have lost a loved one, if you are losing a loved one at the moment. May you find strength to carry on when words and life fail you. May your memories be blessed and thankful regardless of the circumstances, and May you rise again like a phoenix.

May your weary heart be pumped up again with Joy and Happiness.

May your heart overcome, and not fall into despair and depression. May you give hope to many despite your trying moments. May you live and not Die!


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  1. Good one Ariey. I love your ability in the use of imagery.

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