An Injured Heart

Oh! Chi-bu-i-kEm!
Chibuikem, why have ye abandoned me?
Why have ye deceived me?
Why have ye made my day night?
Those that dared not look into my face
have come out as men.

My body figure have I sacrificed,
My Career ye I gave,
Friends ye made me lose,
Winning and dinning I lose for your children,
Father and Mother I saw not often,
Everything I gave.

Ye were,
My light,
My shining coal,
My morning dew,
My sweet morning hibiscus flower juice,
Everything were ye to me.

Alas! The snakes has bitten me,
If I turn here rain beats me,
If I turn there Sun burns me,
I have no kin or brother to fight for me,
I have no sons to fire the gun when I die.

And again I ask, why abandoning me for this LADY?
Why do you prefer her bosom to mine?
You have moved in with her and with all our children also.
Why leaving me empty handed?
What should become of me
now that you are nuptial to this damsel people call Death?

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