An Anonymous Househelp

‘Not how long, but how well one lives his life that matters.’ Unknown.

I have tried everything possible to keep calm for this long. But reading and hearing all the negative things ‘you’ have been saying concerning us, I cannot but to speak up. Although some of us are bad, some of us are evil, in fact some of us are more than ugly, but at the same time, little out of the remaining some of us also are not as bad as you have branded us.

Have you ever asked why we (house-helps) act the way we do? Why are wethis wicked? Why is it that we behave as if we don’t have human feelings? Why it is that it’s most of the time, the children of our masters that we perpetrate our evil act against? I am not saying that what we do or are doing are ideal or should be applauded as the say ‘whatever that is evil has no other name than that it is evil’, but that you should see our plight from their own view point also and not always yours.

How many of you would like your children to end up in the house of another person as a house-help? How many of you would have loved to stay with a relation as a house help? Why do some of you if not most of you people hate the idea of taken your children to your siblings to spend some months without always calling or checking up on them? If you are confident enough about how they will treat them why then don’t you leave them without always checking up on them on announced?

Sir and Ma, I will not dispute the fact that some of you are kind hearted and ends up in the hands of some evil house-helps but I’m very sorry to inform you also that most of you ‘beloved Masters’ are evil too.

Let call a spade a spade. I know that some of you may not like what I’m about to say but it’s the truth. We don’t like it when you abuse us in front of your children, in the market places or anywhere possible just to let everyone around you know that we are your house-help, why do you always wait for your children to finish eating before serving us and then whatever they left is added a little on top for us to take? How will you feel if these same things were done to your own children on those occasions where you come to check up on them? Why do you take us to a class, different from the one your children attend on Sunday? Why do you lock us up at home while your children go to school? Why do you enjoy destroying our skin with canes but if they were to be your children you get angry and follow them to school whenever they were being reprimanded? Are you saying that we are not human being like your children? If you treat us nicely as you have always lied to people out there that you do, will we be treating yours in an evil mode any time the opportunity comes? You have forgotten that it is a saying that “what goes around comes around”.

I am from a family of four, and while my father died when I was three year old, I was told by my mother that his ambition has always been to make sure that we all attain education up to any level that we may deemed fit if not for the fatal accident which took him away from us so early in his life time leaving us all alone to our mother to take care of. So ma, I once had a father who was ready to take care of me before his untimely death. Please stop reminding me of how unfortunate I am because I am aware that I’m unfortunate and that was why I am being brought to your house in the first place. For the sake of God please stop humiliating us. Please stop.

Times without number you rob your spouse of his sexual rights and he takes it out on us when you are not around and promised to take care of us which he does occasionally and yet you don’t notice. We, from time to time do all this things to you just to pay you back for all the evil that you had been and will still do to us. Even if we tell you that your husband rapes or sleeps with us, what will be the outcome if not to be sent packing?

It pains me to bear in mind the fact that I have aborted several times for him and yet you have no idea. He destroys your reputation whenever he is enjoying himself between our thighs, and then you want us to respect you when you fail to perform you duties as a wife to your husband. I am very sorry to inform you that a lot have been going on behind your back and you are the reason for them all.

Your children sleep in the room while we sleep in the sitting room or most times in the corridors. How humane is that?

We deer not come to the sitting room to watch the television when you are around and even if we show you reverence by switching it off when we hear your car horn, you will still come and feel the back of the television to confirm if we had been using the TV or not. Madam, aren’t we believed to be treated like humans too? Let me not talk about how act when you mistakenly see me making use of your dinning table even when it is not in use.

Where on the face of this earth is it okay for you to molest a young girl or boy with: hot iron, pepper, heating our heads on the wall, and cutting our skin with all sorts of sharp object just because we are not your biological children? What you say we did to deserve such humiliation, some of your children does more and you do nothing.

If you do not know, the people you contacted to bring us to you as house helps promised both we and our parents that you would take care of us. Not just ‘care’ but good care of us but instead, what do you do to us? Are the ways you are treating us the way your Jesus or Mohammed would have loved you to have treated us? What will you say to them if they were to be at hand when you do all this to us? Wouldn’t it be permissible if we decide to treat your own children the same way? Would it not be justifiable if you come home one day and find your children inside your microwave, refrigerator, but to mention a few?

I bring this text to your knowledge not to justify our actions but to let you know also that you are the motive for most of the things that befall you or your family. Remember “Do unto others as ye would have them do unto you.” Matthew 7:12.

Thank you for spending your judicious time reading it and the great opportunity it is for me to have finally converse my standpoint to you. “Troubled househelp.”

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