A Knife In The Back; The Death Of Sule

“My dear friend, Aminu, please forgive me for my sins. It was my evil act that ruined your business… ”

Aminu was stunned to hear that as he browsed through his phone. He looked at the nearby bed, his friend, Sule had tears in his eyes. Sule sobbed and whimpered, he made few awkward puppy sounds as he tried to continue. The hospital room had only two beds, with those two patients. Both of them had been admitted a day ago.


Sule continued;

“I know, we will not escape this tragic situation, you had a heart attack and I have the world’s strongest poison in my blood. Aminu! Let my sins come out now. I even stole your business project files and handed over to your competitors. ”

Sule looked again at his childhood friend and lamented over his evil deeds. Aminu was still dead quiet.

“Oh God! I want to admit how bad I was! I broke our bond of friendship and made you go through all those painful events; from bankruptcy to divorce.”

Aminu shook his head in a shocking style. Sule could not look into his eyes, and said in a depressing tone.

“Your wife Husseina was having an affair with me, and I forced her to hurt you. I made her divorce you and insult you in public. Please forgive me, I was such a devil. I did all this just because I was jealous of you. You always were wiser and better. Now, in these last moments of our lives or at least mine, I admit all my crimes.”

Aminu was still not uttering a single word. He was watching the spider’s web on the wall with a strong expression of disbelief on his face. Sule got frustrated,

“For heaven’s sake, say something to me. I am guilty, just say a word, abuse me but please say something. Oh I can’t hold any more, I am already on my death bed. Aminu! I know that I am a devil. I even hired criminals to kidnap your only child, and you had to pay them a huge ransom. I thought that I had won. ”

A doctor, along with a nurse, entered and had a check up.

“Mr Aminu! You are lucky that you survived the worst heart attack. Be happy.” However, the doctor looked at Sule with kind of a farewell message in his eyes and said nothing.

On their leaving, Sule put together his efforts for one last time.

“You saw that scary look in his eyes? He is sure that I am not going to survive. Thank God! You will, and that is one compensation with which I leave this world. Good bye, my friend Aminu! Forgive me if you can and I know you will not speak to a devil like me.” Sule wept again and closed his eyes.

Aminu smiled for the first time and said in a satisfying tone,

“That’s okay my friend. I was the one who poisoned you, I also switched on the voice recorder in my phone when you spoke so I have your confession and it will be made public. Have a safe journey to hell, by the way Husseina is also waiting for you there. Good bye you twisted animal! ”

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