two hands portraying heart

Love is sweet when you love the right person
The sweetness of true love is far better than the taste of honey
But when you love the wrong person, it feels like you are pouring water into a basket
The pain and the anguish of an unrequited love

The trouble of wasting one’s time while trying to love the wrong person
We rushed to conclusion at the slightest feeling of love
And when the feeling subside we are back to square one
And so we are hasty to conclude that love is not for us

It takes time to learn to love, because we can’t depend on feelings alone
But are we ready to learn how to love?
Can we seek knowledge about love when we seem to lack it?
Unless we want to have shipwrecked relationship, then we don’t need it.

Love is great
Love is pure
Love is sensible
Love is brave
Love is unconditional
And finally love is God.

Akinkuade Oluwadare Tobi 2017©

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