13th of March, 2013

“Mother is always right. Isn’t she?” Whylre said to Whylbe as they swarm behind their mother. The day was a special one for them. It was a day that their mother would finally let them be. She would let them to follow their own course in life. Before, she let them be, custom demanded that she should take them to places they should be and places they shouldn’t be and that was exactly what they were doing.
The temperature of the sea was good. The children loved it. They swarm gleefully jumping up in an acrobatic fashion as they followed their mum to the last place she was to show them.
“Whylre!” Whylbe called her brother in lowest of tone.
“What is it now?” He protested.
“Mother is crying.” Whylbe whispered.
“Why is she crying?” Whylre demanded. He looked closely at their mother’s face.
“Why is she crying?” He asked again.
“I don’t know.” Whylbe answered. “Maybe she doesn’t want us to leave her presence.” She added.
“Could be. Let’s go ask her. She is supposed to be happy today, not crying.” Whylre said. Lets go to her.
They swarm up to their mother who was some inches ahead of them.
“Mother… Mother… Mother”. Whylre called.
“Yes”. Whylya answered. She quickly wiped her tears with her huge tail to conceal her agonies from her children. She looked at her children and smiled.
“Mother”. Whylre called again.
“My beautiful children. You are the reason why I could go up and down in this ocean with my head held high. I blessed the day God gave you to me.” Whylya said.
“Whylbe said you are crying?” Whylre said
“Am I? Why should I cry” Whylya protested.
“Whylbe said the truth. I saw the tears on your face. Your voice is even an evidence that you have been crying for so long. Is that why you left us behind for us not to stop you from crying?” Whylre said.
“Mother.” Whylbe began as she held her mother on her trunk. Since dad left us, we have been your confidant. Your closest ally. You are always opened to us. Why this time? Why would you keep things from us for this last time that we are going to be together.” She began to cry. “Mummy tell us what made you to cry.” Whylbe demanded. Whylya looked at her and Whylre. The tears she had been holding for so long found their way out. She cried for some time, Whylbe joined her. Whylre being the man of the house, it would be unwise for him to be seen shedding tears in the public. He told himself. He watched helplessly as the mother and daughter cried their hearts out. Whylre turned backed. He saw thousands of other ocean occupants standing by to have a rare view of whales crying in the open.
“So Whales also cry. I thought they are too big to cry.” Stilapia said.
“Mehn! I am so surprised to see them”. Octopust responded.
“Only God knew what could have made them to cry in the public”. Crabby added.
Whylre got angry. It was an insult for other occupants to stand where the sea owners stood. He dashed towards them. As if other occupants knew what Whylre was going to do, they scampered in different directions for safety before Whylre could get hold of them. Whylre swarm back to where his family were.
“Mother. You see what you have caused. You have made us lost our dignity and pride by your unusual show of weakness.” Whylre said angrily. He expected his mother to stop crying. But she didn’t. She cried on instead. Whylre was dumbfound. He didn’t know what to do. He walked up to her.
“Mother. You know that Whylbe and I loved you. Tell us whatever it was that had made you to lost your old self. Tell us ma.” Whylre begged. Whylya moved forward, her children followed her gently. Whylbe and Whylre looked at themselves. They had hoped their mother would explain to them why she had been crying. Since she didn’t, they had to accept the fact that she had the right to keep some things to herself. They followed silently.
“Whylbe”. Whylya called.
“Yes mummy”.
“You have to be a good girl. Mother loves you.” Whylya said reassuringly. She tapped her forehead gently to drive home her point.
“I love you too.” Whylbe answered.
“Whylre.” Whylya called.
“I am with you mum”. Whylre responded.
“You have grown into a young handsome man. Mummy loves you too.” Whylya said.
“I love mother too. No matter, where I go, I will always remember you. I will come visiting once in a while.” Whylre replied.
“You have to be good to the people around you.” Whylya added.
“I have heard you ma.” Whylre said.
They swarm for some minutes without any exchange of words. There blue environment was dead quiet. The sun was up in the sky doing its usual job. The face of the water was beginning to get warm. The change in temperature may be dangerous to other ocean occupants but not to the Kings and Queens of the waters. They swarm on and on.
“Whylbe and Whylre”. Their mother called to break the silence.
“Yes ma”. They answered in unison.
“I cried because I do not like going to the place I am taking you to.” Whylya started. “I am doing this because it’s one of the things that I should do as our custom demanded.” She stopped.
“What about the place mother that made you not to like it?” Whylbe asked.
“The sight of a place among the places that is visible from the spot that I am taking you to.” Whylya responded.
“What about that place ma?” Whylbe inquired further.
“That place among other places has swallowed many of our kinds. Hundred of thousands of whales have been killed indiscriminately at that spot.” Whylya answered.
“What’s killing people there?” Whylbe pressed on.
“The people who dwell in that spot. They are as bad as the colour of their skin seems.” She paused for a while. She looked at Whylre who had chosen not to utter a word but to just followed and listened to whatever the mother and daughter had to say.
“Those people there are savages. They are people without regards. We hate them.” Whylya said.
“Owh!” Whylbe exclaimed. Whylre looked at their mother’s face. This was the fist time they would hear hate word from their mother who was an ardent preacher of love to all creations.
“You all heard me right. I hate them. Our people hate them. All the water’s creatures hated them. They were the reason for our reduction in population. They are a people without laws and order. They had no respect for anything.” Whylya said.
They swarm to a place. Whylya stopped. Her children followed suite. They rose their head above the water level. They could see the blue sky, trees, and other beauties of other climes.
“The sight is awesome, isn’t it?” Whylya asked
“It is ma.” Whylbe and her brother answered.
“Beautiful things killed.” Whylya started. “While beautiful things are so appealing, you all have to be careful of them. Everywhere is safe under the water for our kinds but not above it. You can go anywhere below the water but not above it and in the shallow area.” She said to her children who were listening with raft attention.
“Even if it means that you have to go to the shore, beware of the shore you go to. You can go there. It is called Europe, There is called Asia, that and that are called The Americas, the other one down there is called Australia. Except this place.” She pointed to a dark land. The children looked at the direction she pointed at.
“That is Africa.” Whylya mentioned.
“Africa.” The children chorused.
‘Africa is a lawless land. The people there are filled with hatred, pains and anguish. They have killed many of our kinds. If you go to other places that I earlier mentioned, the people would love you, cherish you, tend to your wounds and say goodbye to you. But not Africa. Africans would kill you for no just cause. Their knives and cutlasses are ever ready to butcher and maimed. They are driven by their stomachs and not by their brains”. Whylya said.
Whylbe and Whylre sighed. They looked long into the vast terrain that stretched before them with fear and terror.
“Have you people ever wondered where your father, who was so caring and tender could leave without coming back?” Whylya asked.
“You said he travelled out.” Whylbe answered.
“He was killed by them. I decided to tell you lies because you people were too small to handle such a terrible news and sudden departure. Forgive me for telling lies.” She began to cry. Whylre drew her closer.
“When was

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