What I See Here In India (live Update) – My Toes In My Mouth

What I See Here In India (live Update) – My Toes In My Mouth

It’s all happening somewhere in India – explore now.
The 4th Annual Sport Meet/Cultural Day, 2017



Seeing through the bright lights of sports cum cultural reflections, all by these kids; it give some relief to the body, and waters the souls of those who can’t afford watering-the-soul in any currencies.

Eyewitness is better than to be told, and to be told in reality of undoubtable stance is better than false eyewitness.




The questions which arise often regarding the cultural differences in the world has got to its peak, to put curiosity in the mind of the concerned. The fact is, peeping through their distinctive nature got nothing of distinction to say, if not for language of such culture. The practices of sports and cultural day, as witnessed here in India is not far from that of Africa (Nigeria), or any other continent of the world. The only thing one can perceive is just the little differences in their dances, and what name such culture is called. Apart from these, the costume is almost the same, and that brings the global entity of humanity to a trace of one ancestor – these kids at KMR INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL are a verifiable tool of proof.


Standing in lines, elevated in the spirit of admiration and acknowledgement in respects to other cultures all over the world. Though happening here in India, but it puts a humane attachment of what can be said to be ‘Culture in diversity’, which only kids can be used to innocently and sincerely portray to be what has no stain in it, as their minds and thoughts are yet tender. Their costume speaks better than words can tell, and which in no doubt is expressed through their dance steps, and the smiles that reflects across their ‘tender cheeks’.


Placed on the platform are kids, who, without the obvious revelation of their skin colour, or an eyewitness would be taken for any other kids, and one might think it’s all about Nigerian kids or those from any other part of the world. But the fact remains that human nature and characteristics has no strict or rigid symbols – all are same in the head and level of human acknowledgement.



Colours of rain (falling on the umbrellas) – what can one think of this, or assume it could be? What is the meaning of colours of rain? Does rain have colours, or could it be a metaphor to paint lively the event? Anyone should understand that what kids do can be interpreted by them alone, whether it is wrong or right. And when anyone tries to correct them, it would fall on rocky soils. This is not to say that kids are foolish or yet ignorant, not knowing what they say. It takes the eye of those who feel the ‘inside heart’ of kids to comprehend what they say, and how they see it.

The concentration of kids in some issues of life is beyond the comprehension of an ordinary eye, because their inspiration and insightful notions can be seen as metaphysical.

Here, they are raising up their umbrellas in assumption to have some pour on them accompanied by some melodious dances. That’s the genuine nature of kids. Adults cannot do this, because they are adults, and adulthood is unquestionably a period when man is denied the joy of ‘freely-giving-without-dilution’. This is to say that any adult found in the midst of those kids would be labeled a jest or ‘adult-kid’, and that is why the world of kids is the best.


In conclusion, the question is, would you as a school Principal, children Coordinator (in different areas), Parent, Guardian or an Elder allow your kids to participate and flower the water-flow of other cultures other than yours? Many would say ‘yes’ to this. But how flexible and easy does it seem to let happen? Anyone who love and enjoy childhood, either their own or any growing children around will definitely see through what kids see.

• The wish they can fly to the skies like the eagle
• They wish to travel round the world, by physical exploration, visual realism, or even let them do something to feel those places they long to visit.
• Kids wish to see the global community right in their schools, homes, churches, social gatherings and other places they can be allowed to perform.
• Kids wish to get into your head and perform some mechanical activities to let you understand how much kid they are
• They wish to see their big dream come to pass – to make the world a better place; and that is why they sincerely engage in some events of ‘cultural diversity’, which might bring the world to an understanding of unification.
• Kids wish not to wish to grow older – they actually know that getting old is less worth childhood.
• They wish to do something nobody has ever done, but they question how it could be possible – it’s time you let them explore through what they love doing.
• Kids wish to create their own community, as ‘KIDS’ ESTATE’ in order to push away anything that could thrust them into jeopardy.
• Kids wish to have their own kids (which is only possible in their stream of consciousness), so that they can take care of those imaginary kids of theirs, just to show parents and guardians how much care they need.
• Kids are kids, and wish to be loved for no reasons.




This exploration here in India is a source of joy to those who witnessed the day. What kids do cannot be undone, especially their capability to draw maps of joy in the heart of those who never planned to be joyous. However, it is not just about the kids alone, but also about those who care to see what kids can contribute to the society – Parents, Guardian, School Heads and Teachers, children’s Coordinator, and others. These are got to be appreciated for making good kids – just like those at KRM International School, Madurai.

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