Wait 4 me

There he was lying down lifeless in the bed, pillow soaked in tears.

All that he loved and all that he could ever have wanted slipping through his fingers.
“Why is this happening… Why is this happening ” he repeated to himself as tears escaped through.

She became but a memory forever burned into his mind. One thing he couldn’t run away from.

” We are clinched forever, you know I love you desperately,” she promised him. kept replaying the conversation in his head as if it was recorded on repeat.

That was the last word she said to him on the phone before death snatched her away. He curled his hand tight to a fist as he hit the glass mirror looking at his pain, exposing his deeper emotions with no consolation.

“Please just take me with you,” he screamed burying his head to his hands wishing life would take him to the other phase.

Agina Sualeze

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