In A Dark Place


‘Bitch!’ His thought almost escaped his lips, his eyes fixed at her even though his head was bent towards his computer. She was on the phone, he could hear her making plans to meet up with someone immediately she left here. ‘The bitch is making a fuck appointment! And she keeping me here doing overtime work’. He thought.

Segun hated this woman who happened to be his direct supervisor at work. When he had been transferred to the unit weeks ago, he had been truly excited, he knew a promotion would be next. His friends had joked with him about working directly with the very hot and sexy Sandra who was secretly called ‘Homebreaker’ by the guys at work and was rumored to have gone up the corporate ladder much faster with her legs wide open. He had promised himself to not be distracted by anything or anyone at the new post, but to focus on the job at hand, and he meant it then. He totally disappointed himself by falling, when Sandra started to exhibit traits denoting the nickname allocated to her by the guys. He was not married, but he had a serious relationship that was leading somewhere. He told himself that Sandra started it. He always tried to be as official as one could be in a work environment, but she just had to play games with his head. She started with flirting, adding the names of sweet edibles to the end of every sentence with a one-sided smile, whenever she talked to him. Then came the slight body touching, unnecessarily brushing her body against him, touching his hand and talking official things still with a one-sided smile. He resisted all of this for a while, wondering how she could be interested in him, but later gave in to the flirting, telling himself ‘I be guy nah’. He became infatuated with Sandra and had her in his head. The only problem for him was that Sandra never allowed their office romance go beyond the flirting, the sexting, the body touching, leaving Segun with insatiable erections at work that sometimes lasted the whole day. Segun wondered when she would finally give him some, since every day at work seemed to be more torturing than the last, she always teasingly turned down any attempt from him to get more physical in the relationship, anytime they had an alone time at work. Most annoyingly was that he got confirmed information that Sandra was having sexual relations with some other guys at work. He knew he was being dickteased when he overheard her on the phone with one of her friends stating categorically ‘I can’t fuck anyone below my level in this company’. Now Segun understood that he was only being used, to be the obedient staff at her beck and call. He vowed to not be Sandra’s toy anymore and abruptly stopped all unofficial relations with her. Sandra noticed this change and got very irritated with him. She retaliated by intentionally just being a bitch about the whole thing, making him do more work than he should and assigning duties to him that should originally have been assigned to someone else, making him stay back after close of work to finish up work that could be left for the next day.

Today was one those days, it was 8.30pm, and Sandra had him writing up a report that she said had to be submitted by the morning of the next day. They both knew this was not true. He knew she only wanted to irritate him and probably just to make him know that she was going to meet with someone else after making him work so late. Sandra was on the phone again with someone else, speaking loudly, talking explicitly. Saying things like ‘I’m going to fuck you till your balls drop tonight’. She sat at an angle that she knew Segun would be able to see her fully and occasionally looked at him with a smile. She intentionally parted her thighs wide enough to expose her underwear, pleased with herself that she was torturing him with something that he could not have. Little did she know that Segun’s hate and anger for her at the moment had spawn his inner demon and he was currently struggling with himself on how to handle the present situation. The voice in his head was as clear as day

‘Are you going to continue taking this? I know you love this job and all, but c’mon there has to be a line to the bullshit. You are obviously being mindraped here, her pussy attached to a string, dangling back and forth in your face, the bitch sneering at you singing Mc Hammer’s ‘Can’t touch this’. On top of it all, she’s got you doing work that you both know can wait till tomorrow, just because she can. I don’t understand, do you really enjoy being fucked? Do you like this fuck game? You enjoying being the pussy here? I think you should shut that bitch up! Like seriously!’

‘Okay’ Segun thought to himself ‘I best leave this place before I lose it and do something I wouldn’t want to do’

Segun started to shut down his computer. Sandra had been looking at him and was wondering why he was muttering to himself and had gotten up from his chair abruptly. But when she heard the sound of his computer shutting down, she got up and walked to his table

“Have you finished the report?” She asked knowing very well there was no way he could have finished so fast.

“Sandra I am very tired, and will finish the report first thing in the morning tomorrow. Right now, I need to get home.” He responded with a flat tone.

“Well you can go home, after you have the report on my desk and I have had it reviewed”

“Why are you doing this? You don’t really need this report tonight, you’re just being mean, like you’ve been the whole week, and I think I’ve had enough, I’m leaving” Segun picked up his jacket and faced the door when Sandra raised her voice at him

“Segun! I dare you to leave without finishing that report! I dare you! Not only will you not have a job by tomorrow, I will see to it that your miserable life is finished completely!”

Segun only looked at her, shook his head and continued to go out. She charged at him now, stopping only inches from him, blocking his path.

“Who do you think you are?” She said into his face “What are you feeling like? Are you more than what you are now? I’ll tell you here that I’ll always be more than you could ever aspire to be”

Segun still quiet, tried to go around her, but still, she blocked him.

“What is it Segun? Is it the pussy that I didn’t give you?” She said tauntingly. “Is that your problem? Is that why you’re being such a dick? Is that it? What if I give it to you right here now” she pulled her skirt above her hips and thrust her crotch at him. “Is this what you want? Will you be a good boy again?”

Segun gently moved her aside and tried to go past her. She grabbed him by his trousers and roughly pulled him back to her and continued the verbal assault. She did not know that her actions had pushed Segun into a very dark place and though he did not hear her words specifically anymore, Sandra’s loud voice resounded in his head and clouded his vision. Another voice resounded in his head simultaneously ‘Shut the bitch up! Shut the bitch up! Shut the bitch up!’ What happened next was totally unclear to him, as it looked to him like he, viewing his body strike out at Sandra. A strike that hurled Sandra backwards over a table, and had her on her back on the floor.

‘Hohohoho…, yessss! She had it coming, the stupid bitch had it coming, messing around with you, and forgetting that you’re the man. Can you hear her voice anymore? Can you? I can’t, that’s because you shut her up, and you should teach her a very good lesson in respect, so that after today, she sees you, she’ll know that she’s dealing with a man.’

Segun stood over Sandra, his bloodshot eyes a cold stare. Sandra started to mumble something about Segun’s life being permanently over, as she reached for the intercom that had fallen to the floor to call security. Segun kicked the intercom away from her reach. By this time Sandra could see his eyes and could comprehend that she was in a non-negotiable situation that could go in any direction. She suddenly realized that they were the only ones on the 10th floor of the building and screaming would be a futile effort. She immediately noticed that Segun was not looking like Segun anymore and that he totally had the upper hand in the present situation. She instinctively started to plead with him, but she could tell that the Segun she knew was not in the room.

Segun felt like an angry man looking out the window, at the situation unfolding in the room. Sandra was still on her back trying to crawl backwards, her skirt way above her thighs exposing fully, her underwear.

“What were you saying about the pussy you didn’t give to me?” He sneered menacingly at her, his voice not his own. “Is your offer still open?” He asked beginning to unbuckle his belt. He bent over her, his face inches away from hers, breathing in the fear emanating from her pores. “You can’t talk anymore? Cat got your tongue?”

Sandra started sobbing as she pleaded

“Shut up! Shut up!” He screamed at her “Shut up!” And he hit her again. With both hands in a single move, he ripped her blouse open. Sandra made an attempt at struggling, which only earned her more excruciating pain as he hit her some more.

“This’ll teach you to not dicktease the wrong person, to not fuck with the wrong person, to not look down on the wrong person”

Sandra screamed, and got kicked this time.

The next fifteen minutes were the worst fifteen minutes Sandra ever went through in her life, as it was a combination of being beat-up and being raped at the same time. She was barely conscious when Segun pulled up his pants, went to a corner of the room, sat on a table   to look at her. She was a bloodied mess. He continued to stare at her as if waiting for her to move so he could pounce on her. His sense of reasoning slowly came back to him. He began to wonder how he could have been so vicious. There was nothing to assess here, he knew he was totally fucked. He knew his life as he knew it was officially over. He needed a cigarette now. He arranged himself and picked up his jacket, he looked at her again, still quiet and in the same posture he had left her, it would be a while before she would get herself back. He calmly left the office. When he left the building, he told security that Sandra was still working late and would not want to be disturbed.

His thoughts riddled with how best to end the present situation as he drove. There could be no possible positive outcome. If he ran, it would be totally unprepared for and he wasn’t ready to start running for the rest of his life. He definitely was not going to be able to face his loved ones after this, there was no explanation for this. This situation was also unprepared for. Unconsciously he slowed down the car and parked. He was on the Third Mainland Bridge, and at this time of the night, there were very few vehicles on it. He got out and stood near the railing. The cold wind hitting his face. He thought this felt good as he looked out into the expanse darkness of the lagoon before him. His mind went to the stories of numerous other people that had ended their predicaments with similar settings, and it all of a sudden felt like the right thing to do. He would not have to worry about what ever happened after what he had done was discovered. He would be free! He held the railing with both hands and was about to climb over it, when he slipped and fell backwards hitting his head on the floor. He started to laugh and felt like an idiot ‘Fuck it, Sandra was not worth dying about’ he thought to himself. Still laughing, he got into his car and drove to the nearest Police station.

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  1. Great work. Good suspense at play. Very vivid description and relatable.

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    This is a great writeup….interesting.

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