I found this treasure a little while back
“Converted wood embroidered in legible ink”
And for distances it ran

I found it at first a little tasking too much work put into masking
But then I indulged
Placed my mind in its extended arm – its pages
Bidding for me to take a ride
And in I went; into the boat ride, into the plane ride, into canyons
Into remote African villages
Ensconced at a bonfire rendezvous
Listening to tales old and worn for generations long
As the images came alive in the midst of the burning flame

I ventured into homes existent and nonexistent, smelt the fresh brew of coffee just made

Served in the midst of generals plotting a Pogrom.
Looked at their maps, saw their eyes
The coldness of a human man

I have lived in foreign planets
In Utopias I would rather not withdraw from; in fields, in war, in love,
In tragedy; appalled by the Tess of d’Urbervilles
Living through the lives of a bride, of a toddler
Of a Castaway; His wreck, his life
Of an Ibo man and His engineered proverbs
Of a confused soldier at the battlefront
Wishing it all a dream, wandering war’s worth
As he dives in desperation into the sea
Of Mummies and Vampires who drain life and have a love life

I have traveled in the stroke of lines painted
Animated buffoons; a cat who is one with a dog and still has fun
Oh! I have had fun
With an Animated Princess
Obtained a magical carpet, eloped on a joy ride with jinni’s lamp by my side
Contemplating which wish would be bliss for my companion and bride

I have danced in snow here in Nigeria
Laid before a fireplace I never had and saw pixies descend with green hats
I have seen the sun rise over the horizon to reveal the Image of Holmes reaching a conclusion
Watched a female life from her cradle room to the funeral room
And in between held her hands for her first dance

I have walked through the vineyard which Ahab stole,

watched the grapes turn a full blood hue

Screaming- murder! Oh Lord where is your order?

Nodded my head walked home on a boulevard graced with olive trees.
Only to find her waiting at my doorstep
My beauty! my bride
Too long I have kept outside
My eyes offer an apology
The door slams behind us
It’s time to be one
I am only 27
What books can do for you.

Walt Disney
“The greatest treasures in the world are to be found in books”

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