Arise o Compatriots


Arise oh compatriots
have we decided to wake our forefathers
Nigeria call obey
when we don’t even respect traffic light
To serve our father’s land
and everybody is traveling out
With love and strength and faith
with recession and poverty all around
The labour of our heroes past
has been covered with corruption
Shall never be in vain
amen oh…. but cabal rules
To serve with heart and might
somebody has not even eaten enough
One nation bound in freedom
with the likes of arewa,ipob,boko and militants
Peace and unity
sincerely speaking do we even listen or watch news?

Oh! God of creation
help us oh!
Direct our noble cause
cos we have deviated
Guide our leaders right
when power has blinded them
Help our youth the truth to know
that our leaders are greedy and selfish
In love and honesty to grow
do we even trust ourselves
And live in just and truth
when our lawyers are not fair
Great lofty height attained
at 57 we are regarded as a Third World country
To build a nation where peace
reigns? not now,not today maybe later in the future
and justice reigns
lies! where corruption and jungle justice reigns

I pledge to Nigeria my country
who have disappointed me
To be faithful,loyal and honest
is it to the corrupt leaders or who?
To serve Nigeria with all my strength
who don’t even know I exist
To defend her unity
if it were a real lady, I would
And uphold her honour and glory
if it were a damsel I will
So help me God
to survive these hard times in my country

One thought on “Arise o Compatriots” by Samuel Okunuga (@HHBSO)

  1. Oni Gabriel (@OniGabriel)

    So comical but its the truth about our nation.

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