Oh! Africa Land of the blessed Oh! Africa We are the best Oh! Africa Gifted amongst all Oh! Africa Delight of them all Oh! Africa Dwelling of the strong Oh! Africa Bravely we throng Oh! Africa Strongest amongst human race Oh! Africa Peaceful and a loving place Oh! Africa My mother land Oh! Africa my … Continue reading Africa

My world

welcome to my world of uncertainty questioning is my home engolved by the spirit of Thomas a doubter I have become so gentle you ‘ll mistake me for a priest appearance makes me look churchy once filled with blind faith,now in doubt my soul bleeds from guilt of apostasy leave me to my plight attempt … Continue reading My world

Love Gone Wrong 2

She opened her eyes slowly and immediately closed them as the rays of the sun penetrated the windows; and then slowly, she opened them until everything finally came into focus. From where she sat facing the window, she could see that she was not on the ground floor of wherever she was. She was still … Continue reading Love Gone Wrong 2