The Anonymous But Powerful

The Anonymous But Powerful

they conspire in the secret room
planning on bringing us doom
they are powerful and wonderful
but behave like intellectual fools

they decide who rules
and who to fool
they are the stronghold of a nation
behaving like lords over all creations

they are the backbone of the economy
all responsible for the rise and fall of our money
they lie to us in the open
knowing fully well what is to happen

they are powerful but anonymous
having no care or regard for us
they are criminals
behaving like animals

they are THE CABALS
behaving like political juntas
running the affairs of a country
their hierarchical system spreads like a tree

i don’t know if it’s myth
or it’s the truth
maybe we are just meant to believe
so we can be happy to live

we don’t know them
but we feel them
their political merry-go-round
break all protocols on ground

i fear them
for they are not known
to we the the public
only to those that dwell in secret places


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