Rhythm and Poetry

In my mindset, I am

An emancipator on a mission, to arm

Gladiators, not with guns or a detonator

Nay, lyrics as sharp and cutting edge like a razor

Slashes and slices, it carves

A new world order so the have not’s have

And the circle of power is broken by half, at the hour

Leaving behind a generation, empowered and ours

To make sounds not as tuneless as mosquitoes

But respected like the roar of a lion, with strength and vigor

In my mindset, I am

From my inner thoughts, an arm

Stretches forth, to calm

Tired nerves, it can

Not with tuneless sounds

But with footprints on earthly sands

Like a sudden burst of energy

Rhythm and poetry

Blasts through like gunshots, ending universal pain

Like the lyrical John wayne

I shoot stanzas and make history

Tis not blues, so I don’t take the rhythm easy

Tis poetry, the cure to the world’s diseases

One thought on “Rhythm and Poetry” by veedkings (@veedkings)

  1. I kept reading that “in my mind set” as “in my mind”. I felt it would read better that way! But what do I know?
    Hmm, I am wondering why there are no fullstops in your poem! Do you write all your poems like that? I love it. I actually do same to my poems(the originals,that is). I put all other punctuations, but no full stop! Lol
    Your poem is beautiful and rhythmical too. By the way, mosquito sounds may be tuneless to us but, oh my, not to the mozzie using it to whistle a bar or the bae Gaan!
    I did enjoy your piece. Thanks for sharing

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