Love on the Mountain

All along she sought for a friend,
one who’ll listen to her groanings till the end.
The pressures of life were too much for her to bear,
and it seemed all the folks around her did not care.

From time to time, she heard a little voice in her heart,
telling her to stop her groan and take heart.
But the little voice in her heart she ignored,
for it was the voice of flesh and blood she longed for.

In the mornings, she heard the voice of the happy shepherd,
singing to his sheep with a pure voice unfiltered.
But the sound of his voice vexed her soul,
the envy of his merry heart made her cold.

Alas, she said to herself “I am tired”.
The turmoil of this life had her shattered.
To the top of the mountain she went to ponder her life,
sorrow, sorrow at age thirty she’s nobody’s wife.

After pondering and pondering to no conclusion to her heart’s mend,
she moved to the edge of the mountain to jump to her own end.
“Perhaps the afterlife may bring me more pleasure,
there is nothing in this miserable life to treasure.”

Then she took a leap of faith,
knowing her gruesome fate.
She took a jump,
but a quick firm hand held her to a stop.

With tears in her eyes, she slowly lifted her head to her saviour,
to say “no thanks” for the uncalled for favour.
But to her uttermost surprise it was the happy shepherd,
“I had followed you from the valley” he uttered.

Lost for words, she threw herself at him and began to weep,
not minding the ooze from his garment which smelt of sheep.
“It’s alright dear, you don’t need to fear” he said.
He smiled gently as he stroked her head.

Alas, the lonely dame found love on the mountain,
far from the troubles and turmoil in the valley.

****Obadiah 1:17

6 thoughts on “Love on the Mountain” by aghoghosam (@aghoghosam)

  1. Wow!! This practically carved a smile on my face, its simple and poignant. He is our shepherd indeed… Jesus is the key.
    Wonderful piece

    1. Thanks a lot @femimicky , yea that’s the message, glad it was clear:)

  2. I’m not a fan of poetry but I must confess, I love this

  3. Beautiful and simple.

    1. @S@pph007 many thanks !!

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