For Crying Out Loud

For crying out loud
We are hungrily impoverish
Education is in comatose valley
No home to write to about health
Home has been plundered!

For crying out loud
Serfs in luxury, lords languish in penury
Thunder strikes, ASUU strikes
Choice university abroad their’s go

For crying out loud
We’re butchered in day out day
Killing and kidnapping orders of day
Roads reliable death messengers

When we cry out loud
They beat us to pulp
Protectors become oppressors’ mercenaries
They extort, shame, victimize, brutalize
Silence us for crying out loud

We have been crying out loud
They’ve turned deaf, dumb, blind
Turned off their dead empathy
Cut off from the lower rung of ladder

We need to cry out loud
Continue we’ll to cry out loud
Stop crying we won’t
Till they hear our voice

For crying out loud
Hear our voice.

2 thoughts on “For Crying Out Loud” by Aluko Remilekun Tosin (@Simplyremmy)

  1. Good piece at @SIMPLYREMMY. Very strong use of words in some sections. I used to think poetry must have consistent rhymings across, but your’s didn’t however, it still read well.

    For improvement areas, check your grammatical structure e.g. line 2 of the 6th section..”Continue we’ll to cry out loud” this didn’t really read well.

    Overall, good piece. Well done.

    1. Thanks for the honest critique @aghoghosam. Point well noted.

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