Until Then

Until Then

I’ll forget you not,
Like the camp morning bugles
Robbing of my precious sleep
Like the xmas jingles
Reminding of the season’s joy
Like Football’s final whistle
For winners to celebrate their medals
Amongst all singles
You stand out as an eagle
Shining with your mingling smiles.

What a beautiful creature
With such bountiful nature
Heart of charms and smiles
Queen of doves and loves
Your pimpleless and flawless face
Makes me voiceless and clueless
How well endowed
Your creator molded you
Your gentle and catching dimples
Complements your simple but charming beauty
God’s loving sample
Always living a life of examples.

You’re as cute as a kitten
Beautiful as a peacock
Tender and soft as silk
Mild and meek as milk
In you many seek their joy
Many more peek at your toy
All rolled into one
I admire the woman
In your lady
Remember to rekindle
The fire of your dreams
Always aspire to acquire
Even higher desires.

You’re such a mild lady
With much wild a heart
You’re as safe as a house
Sure to prevent sucking louse
You’re like dewdrops on roses
With nose finer than all noses
What is sweeter than
A kiss before foes?
What is better than
A hiss before fools?
Be to me like food is to life
And I’ll be like a faithful husband
Missing his wife.

Please ease my pains
And share in my gains
We won’t meet in vain
Let me be your friend
So I’ll give you all my yeasts
And some nuts from the North
Though I’m not from the East
Hope you won’t shout
If I tell you I’m from South?
I know you must come from the West
For sure, we won’t be a waste.

As I watch the rains drop
Slowly but surely
The pains and burdens seeps away
As the thoughts and memories
Of you creeps to me
I recalled how lovely you smiled at me
And then,
“Titus” escaped your lips
I long to hold tight your hips
Right in my mind
I search and find
None but you, Esther.

How deep can I write about you
Without thinking deeply about you?
How can I be right about you
Without perfectly knowing your imperfections?
Let me spice up my thoughts of you
And seal these defects
And gaps stretched between us
Until then
I’ll write of you
Even with eyes and mind closed
Even when you’re not around
I’ll be sure I’m on ground with you
Until then Esty
I won’t make further hasty
Writings of you
Until then!!!

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