“the Morning Sun”

The golden rays so generously given
Promising a day full of hope and love
When you hide behind tall buildings
The world around me looks gloomy

The clouds criss-cross your surface
Trying to shade your rays in futility
You conquer all obstacles and shine
Your wonder is a mystery unrivalled

Sitting on the morning sky like a King
Watching over your subjects warmly
You are a beauty to behold, Oh Sun
Yet you are but a reflection of God

How great and mighty your maker
I try to ponder and wonder in awe
I must overcome like thee to give
My world the rays of good in me.

Emeka Dike, (May, 2017)

3 thoughts on ““the Morning Sun”” by Emeka Oji-Dike (@Mexy)

  1. awesome poem well done

    1. Thanks a lot Femimicky, with your support, I’ll definitely do more.

  2. what an excellently penned poem. The flow of your poem is eloquent and the imagery it carries vividly, pleasant.

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